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Since the beginning, my blog has been a documented journey of life's surprises, experiences and observations.  I also use it to express. excitement, inspirations and  things that sadden me in daily life. 

 SInce the historical start of my blog, my alterier motive was to drive business into my oasis of a store. This lure was an innocent approach to sharing life, design, style, color and what's new. I am sure many were tantalized, many unsubscribed and many hung on to many words that I executed from my inner soul, and still do. I thank you all for this.


Times are different, and although I miss Matsu- my time and life structure is all together more different than I ever could imagine. I tried to keep up with the Blog style that you may have come to know me by, yet I have hesitated in the past few months to express and to share. This Blog entry will be posted to my various email lists, and I DO wish to hear from you whether you want to hear from me or not. I am not requesting direction, although feel free if you should so desire, but since all of our lives take turns of many kinds, my focus is also different now.  Please know, I love the seasons, food, fashion, and life and will continue writing about them all.IMG_3229

There are so many fashion bloggers. How to tie scarves, how to accessorize, how to have a make over- Clear out the cobwebs in your closet, and your mind becomes clear. I can go on and on.. this is what I do. I am crafty at it, and I must say rather seasoned.  I am not a fan of talking about it unless I am in front of you, however..-in  person! I say this because I will continue writing.. for ME; and  for those that wish to read, for those that care or those that wonder. Many people live vicariously through others hence, reading books, going to museums, traveling etc. There are many ways to explore, and I for one have been very fortunate to have lived through these experiences . I simply love to write about what jazzes me. Hope you enjoy it too.


I am very peaceful right now and am enjoying the quiet time I carved out for myself today. I decided this would be an opportune time to reconnect with my blog, my purpose and with my readers. I will say, that there may not be a theme; expect the unexpected- that is one thing I can promise to be consistent about. I just needed to put my foot in the door again, and write. Here I am.

The day after the monster storm the North East endured. Such a catastrophy. I am in Florida where these things are expected to happen. On the Gulf Coast. For me to have experienced the storm from afar is practically surreal. The photo above is of Siesta Beach. The winds were soaring at 25mph.  If you look closely, you will see the angry deep green waves off in the distance. Very difficult to relax and soak up the sun that was very prominent in the sky- masked, however by the wind. Just like a Halloween mask placed on a face.  The notion of Halloween season being here is also a bit odd while staring at the sand, but a reality, nonetheless!  I find the face and my sister carved this gorgeous pumpkin. After all, it is the season.

Screen shot 2012-10-28 at 6.42.31 PM

 The richness of Autumn brings warm feelings inside, as we prepare ourselves for the time change this weekend. The evenings will seem earlier and the mornings coming too fast. The leaves on the trees are falling ever second of the day and with the storm we had, they have all had a lot more help- more than we care to acknowlege, because it means the Autumnal season is one step closer to the dark Winter that lies ahead. I share below a scene created by children celebrating this wonderful season, and the " Hallow Scare Crows" as I  refer to them , are so charming only a child could have possibly been naive and innocent enough to create these marvelous little  character crows. Keeping the Scare Crow in mind, please look.

 I will keep this entry on the short side, as I complete my thoughts and wish you all a very happy, safe and haunted Halloween!


Yours in joy,


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