Tis The Season

The Holiday season has arrived. 2008 has flown by. We have the choice and opportunity to create something in our lives memorable for this year. Yes, in listening to all of the media hype, first with that never ending election, and now they are having a field day with the economy. Bah Humbug ! That's what I think!  If you ever considered becoming a savvy snob, this is the time. Rise above the news, and the buzz kill that floods our radios, headlines and television. We still get up, get dressed, eat, drink and celebrate. There are so many things for us to be grateful for, and no reason not to have fun with it. Counter action on the potential downward spiral is the way to go! Buy yourself something new, buy your friend something that she or he may never indulge in on themselves! Begin taking care of your body. Join a yoga class, enriching the blend of your mind, heart soul and body. Have your nails done, clean out your closet, and have an outfit menu created!  Totaling liberating. I had the opportunity to work with a professional woman who knows more about how to help people, yet got stuck in her own wardrobe. I was able to help her create a multitude of combinations by weeding out what needed to be removed from her closets.  We did her coats, shoes, jewelry (which I found piled in a box ) and slacks, sweaters, tops.  The process took about 3 hours and it was the best investment she ever spent. This was the winter version of what we did last spring. I must say, she and I both felt so enriched. I honestly recommend this process, and I will be promoting this a bit louder in January. I can be hired, and reached through Matsu right now, at 617 266 9707.

 Meanwhile in celebrating the season from a visual standpoint, I will share some Nutcracker photos of my daughter as Arabian in her company role from the first performance of the season held in Acton the weekend of Thanksgiving.  The remaining performances will be held this weekend at Regis College in Weston. Those photos will be posted early next week.



What to buy those in your lives?  How about some imported dark chocolate from France?  How about some lemon wood bowls from Morocco, or cedar wood cutting boards? We also have received amazing white porcelain bowls and deep brown stoneware plates and bowls which can enhance any table any time. The kikatsu glass ware from Japan, a collector's favorite, and a beautiful way to accessorize the table. All tabletop items available at Matsu. The chocolate, by the way just came in. You must sample one piece I promise you will be hooked.



For the finale in the post, I must make you aware of our Jewlery sale which pre selection is now in progress. A fabulous way to adorn your body with a piece that you most likely have coveted and now may purchase at a lower price. We have citrines, gold, sterling, pearls, amber, labordorite, garnets. The list goes on.

Please come in, sample the chocolate, and enjoy our holiday  oasis.  See you soon.

Yours, in joy,dava muramatsu 

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