These are a few of my favorite things !

Once upon a time there was a girl.  She loved to fantasize. In fact she loved it so much that she decided she would create a way to share them . Her love for life was all she needed to cultivate the means in which to express her passions.  Through her senses she could cultivate this very expression. What seemed liked fantasy became reality to her. How ?  Matsu !   A museum like gallery housed at 259 Newbury St. This boutique became her oasis. Here, she could play in the dirt, planting nature outdoors, nurture the plants and flowers that are indoors, and choose clothing, jewelry, sandals, handbags, scarves and wonderful vases.  Something for every aspect of her life.

In order to fulfill her internal wishes lead by her heart, she traveled around to Europe, and also right here in the United States to discover designers that spoke to her . Anyone can practically open a boutique, but aah, not with the   soul, complexity and layers of history, texture, color and nature would one find anything quite like this.


The husband and wife team of Jamin Puech have developed their line of bags this season, which have just arrived from Paris based on an African/Tribal sensibility.  Absolutely outstanding. The craftsmanship, the function and the intricacy all wrapped up in this collection. Shown here are a few samples of this.  More in the shop.

Stefano Mortari, known in Italy for their knit . This fantasy child discovers  the scarf and tunic pieces created in Tulle with chips of metal carefully stitched on the fabric to enhance her Spring collection at Matsu. Exclusively imported from Italy, this tight collection can enhance an outfit, or just fulfill any whim that you may not even be aware of.


All so rich and tempting.  Yes, that is what I was told. I am a temptress. I love to provoke. I love to inspire. I love to trigger. I love to push the envelope. I now wish to tempt YOU! In honor of this, I am holding a party from 5 ~8 on Tuesday, May 5th.  Beyond Temptation. The invite below. If you dare to fulfill your own fantasy, please RSVP.  I will live by my words, you will see. Shocking?  No, just true to my heart and living in my fantasy.


Yours, in true fantasy,


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