The Scorpio Full Moon, and other oddities of nature and life

April 28 2010. The Moon is full behind the clouds covering the dark skies of night. This Full Moon is highlighting what we value on the material physical plane. Since Mercury retrograde (our deeper thoughts and inner perceptions) is traveling closely with the Sun (our identity and focused consciousness) in Taurus ( our valued possessions) and opposing the Moon (intuitive Wisdom ) in Scorpio (releasing what no longer serves us ) the theme of clearing out our "closets" continues to be emphasized. With daily life always on the horizon, and with the fear of loosing something, usually, this is indeed the time to let all go. That is what brings us the spiritual meaning of this Scorpio Full Moon. When the Sun and the Moon are in opposition they are asking us to focus on what is out of balance in our lives. The Moon in her Full Face are asking us to listen to our intuitive knowing and follow that guidance. Scorpio is a difficult energy to master. Its theme is birth, life death and rebirth. It is also about personal empowerment and that is what our current spiritual focus is.  Or should be.  Swallowing the information slowly and digesting it, will help optimize our focus and intentions. Words of Wisdom.*


I love all of this stuff. I know that to many it can be daunting and maybe even trivial, depending on one's belief system. But, every now and then to read a horoscope, whether you can relate to it or not, we all do it. Admit it.  It can aid in insight from the soul. After all, we all have birthdays, and reading into the meanings of how the stars and planets align in your sign can not only be entertaining, but also meaningful.  When was the last time you had your Astrological Chart created ? All you need is to know your birth date, time and place. Nikki Davis in Newton Highlands as a natural knack, of course and studied knowledge in creating yours. Her Number is 617 332 0890. She charges by the session and a tape will accompany you home.  ( hope it is a CD soon ).. None the less. I find her presence magical and the information she provides you with spot on. Nice Mother's day gift!


Moving on to the Farm Land.  I saw this adorable pig on Commonwealth Ave. in Back Bay. He was simply grazing the grass, and stood completely non effected by modern day life.  The cars whizzing  by, or the dogs near by. He was with his family. This pig was a house pet. They say they have the mental sharpness to that of a 5 year old.  His name is Kevin Bacon…….. Funny. He was with a couple dogs, the nanny and 3 small children.  I was elated at the sight of such pleasure. I was driving down the street and stopped my car to capture this unique moment. Of course, I still would love to have a pig, but as my daughter reminds me……… I already have a bird, and she needs more attention from me than I am willing to give it.  Maybe in my next life phase, which I am praying and intending on being sooner than later. I have the itch to move. So, we shall see how the "stars align " for me in that endeavor. I have left that up to the universe.  You know… "letting go ".  Seeing what can be achieved and accomplished by doing so.


On another recent adventure/excursion I was driving past a farm.. just the other day and glanced over to this rather unique piece of history. A very old tractor. It was decorated ! Can you imagine. I was on my way to this adorable seaport town, and voila…. on the way, farm land. Perfect for pigs, goats, and chickens.  I loved this tractor.. and check out the name of it ! Could be a famous piece of equipment.Who knows, but I had to take photos of it. I just loved it !



Meanwhile here we are in the beginning of Spring. I am discussing elements of nature. I seem to always have the notion to combine my blogs with what we see daily and then with beautiful things that we covet. That is the balance, I suppose of life. Mine, at least. Below you will see the most beautiful sandals available at Matsu, of course and  designed by Calleen Cordero. Her craft for shoes, belts and bags is stupendous. They are all hand made in the U.S. She has mastered her craft and once you place your foot into any one of these, the ease and comfort will have you believing they were cut just for you ! The studs are simple and the character it brings to these shoes increases the value, not to mention the fun in wearing them!



I hope you can come into Matsu soon ! We have just begun to discuss the Celebration of our 15th year in this location, at 259 Newbury St. We are planning  this Anniversary Celebration for late September. Stay tuned for details and a save the date !!

Enjoy spring, enjoy life every day.

Yours in joy and style,

*2010 Scorpio Full Moon excerpt written by Dale Osadchuk

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