Speaking to my Heart


My blood, my flesh, my extension. My Pisces daughter.

When I felt alone in the years gone by, she spoke to me. When I heard nothing in the distance, she sang to me. When I felt loneliness inside my soul, she laughed with me. As we grew, she shared with me. Her soul, her feelings, her intimate thoughts. 

 I cherish each living moment. I realize  there is nothing other than the now. Appreciate what we have now. The past matters, and has brought to us the now. The future unforeseen, a mystery. Cherishing the now. Speaking to my heart.  I nearly didn't have a child, and am thankful to her dad that we did. It was not a plan. It was just what happened. Being in the now. She is 18. Preparing for College. Luckily, re locating to a place that I frequent often. This I am thankful for.  The tears I expel from my eyes right now are tears of sadness, tears of joy, tears of emotions mixed. It is unreal how much love can grow. How much one can bring to another. In order to feel this, an opening is necessary.  Love what you have. Realize it all. It can be taken away at any fragile moment.

I underestimated myself. Didn't really think I was equipped nor properly prepared to bring a child into the world and to cultivate her. Didn't realize the most important thing was being in my own truth. Admitting my faults, my imperfections, my silliness. 


Honestly, now I realize all I had to do, is exactly what I did do. Listening carefully to clues that  brought me to my own heart through my mind with all 5 senses…. It is now obvious why I promote them  as  my  daily mission, in my business and through all messages with those I come in contact with. In doing this, the only thing that gets attracted is love, and anything else that we need comes to us naturally.. What an amazing thing, this life is.  I am so grateful. Listening to my heart, allowing it to teach me, to heal, to laugh, to cry. No fear in facing what scares me the most. What a gift, this life. What a gift, this child of mine. Speaking to my heart. Listening to my heart.

Sharing these thoughts in joy,


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  1. Margareta Lidskog

    This piece touched my heart!
    You are so blessed to have such a warm and close relationship with your beautiful daughter Aya and to be able to express how you feel with such elegant prose.
    Aya, I hope you know how lucky you are to have such an amazing mom. No mother is more proud of her daughter than your mother.
    With admiration and friendship

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