slowly, but surely Spring is on the way

Writing on the evening  of an eclipse and full moon, the daylight is lingering longer each day. The air, still cold and the wind making it even worse.

The trickling in of clothing in lighter weight fabrics, as well as lighter in tones. The darkness is a place for all of us to grow, like a flower. But at this time of year I think we all look forward to the longer days and warmer weather.  There are a few " tricks" to introducing this feeling into the psche, and I am not going to suggest the electric beach, but……. hark ! A fresh haircut !  The time is right to experiment with a style that you may have secretly desired, but never dared before !  I speak from experience.  I am liberated as a result… I just cut mine off late this afternoon…. Not with out shedding a few tears,  what do we hold onto?  Very interesting. Did you get the key word here ?  Liberated with a capital L.   Try it . I dare you !!!

Should you prefer to wait till the sun is a bit warmer, then I dare you to come into Matsu and try a few pieces from the begining of the Spring 08 Collection of Comme des Garcons.  Absolutely wearable, NOW.

That would be a great way to introduce the lightness we are about to approach with Spring comming..  I also can clearly suggest purchasing a semi precious stone strung practically invisably on cord.. VERY simple… but light and just the right spark… You could even layer it with a Heather Moore necklace once you start that little addictive treat that I mentioned the other day…

Live a litte.  Spend a little and laugh alot. If it feels good, just do it.  I am just here for inspiration and guidance.

See you soon… let me know who sees the first Robin !



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