Running from the Moon… a short story

Running from the Moon.

I begin by sauntering down a dirt road with the moon as my only light source above me in the sky.


 The road begins to darken as I stumble on the overgrown vegetation; dulling my visibility.. I try not to allow the fear to rise up from within. My gate becomes more brisk.

I begin to tremble while running. I could smell the faint pumpkin scent as I approach the patch. I hoped this familiar scent would calm my inner fear. Instead, the rustling of the leaves makes my mind wander towards pleasant autumn thoughts- for a moment. I then expect to be snatched up by another force within these woods; leading to the partially fenced in garden. Very creepy.

My feet become completely tangled in the vines of the pumpkins which are haphazardly lying all over the patch.

They are strangling themselves, it appears. The moon decides to aid my sight once again – to near blindness at this point. Sunglasses in the night ? I could use them to sooth my sensitive eyes! IMG_2012

As I try to detangle my feet, I feel the vines begin to tighten around me. I scream. No one would hear. I am scared. I want to trust that the only thing I should be thinking about is how the nutmeg, cinnamon and smashed pumpkins would taste. The autumnal flavors which- in any other circumstance should  comfort! Sweet, creamy  and delicious.  I am day dreaming of a pumkin pie in the night. Still with my heart beating so hard I imagine the Moon turning into a ghost. My fingers are now trembling. I can not scream. Too scared. No one will hear me anyway.


Dava Muramatsu

October 18 2011


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