Ruby lights up the month of July

This year, the month of July has certainly been a scorcher! The heat this month has been challenging for us all. We are not used to such extreme high temperatures. Depending on your body's guage some of us struggled more than others.

I found it to be very intense, and happy to be working within an airconditioned environment- for the first time in my life. Not a fan of air control, it was blissful not to suffer from the oppressive outdoor air. However, freezing indoors while the birds chirp outside  enjoying the natural weather makes me rather envious. I strive for freedom, and that can look like many different things.  Walking outside into an environment without the protection of outerwear is within itself a form of freedom. Climate wise, and other wise. 

July is a month with lots of grilling,  fresh vegetables are in abundance and wonderfully drawn out days of light welcoming nature to continue it's bloom and growth. I share with you a salad that I created from imagination. Just the right balance between nutrition, texture and taste. I call it the Summer Chopped Salad.

Above photo shows a medley of chopped celery, ripped raddiccio, sliced baby heirloom tomatoes, scallions & capers. Drizzle extra virgin olive oil, squeeze half a lemon, several drops of red wine vinegar, sprinkle with French Sea Salt and cracked peppercorns.  Mix and let sit. Delicious! Happy Summer!

Early morning rising for 6:00 AM Yoga classes on a near daily basis prepares me for a day of balance and adventures. Watching the sunset after 8:00PM is equally as fulfilling bringing a sense of contentment to my inner soul. What yoga does is awakens the spine, alterts the Chakras and the connect the mind to the body. Nothing feels as good as what the body can accomplish, simply on the mat at this wonderful hour of the day.

  Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 6.16.45 PM

July is the height of the Summer, and with it comes one of the richest of all gem stones. The RUBY. Characterized by it's deep beet tones, it comes in several cuts. Often called the "lover's stone", rubies are believed to enhance passion, creativity and imagination. Derived from the Latin word ruber,  which translates to "red" this stone is the scarest and among the most expensive of all gemstones!  Ruby is an excellent stone for energy, imparting vigor to life. It encourages passion  and improves motivation  towards  the setting of realistic goals. Balancing the Heart Chakra; it inspires you to follow your inner bliss. Promotes positive dreams and sharpens the mind. Emotionally Ruby charges up passion and fires the enthusiasm. It will also calm hyperactivity. 


The photo above reflects my most recent work. My eyes "drink" the richness of the colors of these gemstones. The top strand is actually a garnet, but my forte' happens to be mixing the tones allowing them to speak and play with one another. The Garnets above are unusally large and appear in an off beat red adding a tinge of orange to the deep red hue offering a pomegranate tone, if you will. Next in line is a single strand hand knotted ( as are the garnets) with a Tahitian pearl accent. The sterling clasp in the rear happily connects the strand giving way to a warm citrine. Last but not least in this photo are teeny faceted rubies holding a large Angel's wing of paved diamonds and a rutilated quartz accent drop to highlight the wing span. The Wing symbolizes higher realms of existence, ascension and spiritual mobility. The Angels are messengers from the heavens above bringin with them support, comfort, love and healing as they guide us through our lives. 


Here I allowed the natural light to hit the facets of this rich stones medley which gives way to the ease and suspsension in the air. Nature sets the stage for this collection which is now available through Etsy. Search for Nymph Jewels on the website, and you will have access to many of my Nymph pieces!  If you wish to feel, touch and see what speaks to your own inner soul, eyes and what appeals to your heart- my Salon will be set up soon for convenience and discovery. Conveniently located on the near outskirts of Boston, I invite you to call or contact me anytime for a viewing. I welcome you into my newly created environment setting the stage for an intimate gathering, or a solo visit!

I truly stress the importance of soaking in each moment of the daylight, the sun's rays and the temperatures that Nature presents on a daily basis, because at a blink of one eye- Autumn will be here.

Happy Summer! Thank you for taking the journey with me this month.

Yours in joy,


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