Rediscovering the Charm of a land nearby.


Imagine, what a discovery it was to remember that I forgot about a wonderful place nearby.

This happened subconsciously, and for some reason, perhaps all of the rains that March brought us. Perhaps the desire for a change of scenery. Maybe it is as simple as hearing my heart desire for something new. I assume it is a combination of all of the above. But when I woke several weeks ago and realized just how long I have lived west of 128… the "snow belt" Now known as the "flood belt".  Time to move along ?  This notion that I woke with over a month ago is embedded in my physche. I heard it, I felt it. Not exactly knowing what it all meant.


I shortly discovered the desire to escape.. You know, being self employed, one can never really "escape" and as the result of this way of life, I have learned to bring daily joy and laughter into it so as NOT to need vacations, or hiding places or anything of the sort. I treat everyday as a vacation.. or try to at least. The March rains, however as angry as they seemed, as grey as the skies were, all lent themselves to a downward and inward spiral. No one was on Newbury Street, to say the least. The energy just about to submerge from the long , dark and  void of snow winter that we endured was still delayed in it's development, so to speak.  Sounds weird, but that was how I felt. I am putting it out there. I am not shy about it. I imagine many of you experienced the same.


Consequently, I realized that I needed to move forward. I practice what I preach. I just sometimes forget where my intention lies. Alas, the beach scene set in. What beach ? One that I traveled to back in the 80's all of the time. What surprised me several weeks ago was that I had gravitated always to the North Shore.. not the Cape.. interestingly enough. Not sure what it was that constantly called me up in the Northern direction, but from the frequented Plum Island, I moved on over to some the small tucked away beached in Gloucester, then eventually to Crane Beach in Ipswhich. We are talking over the course of 20 some years living in this area. 


I had a dream not long ago. It was prompted by a conversation I had with a friend who recently moved to Newburyport. In my dream, I moved… not sure where to, because when I woke up, I had this "feeling".. next thing I knew, I was in Newburyport that afternoon. Driving around and feeling the charm of this seaport town… The sights were familiar, but the feeling was distant.  Until I drove down to the exclusive section of Plum Island.  Once my feet landed on the sand, and my eyes drank up the vision of the blue sky, the beautiful water and the neutral tones of the sand… all so very vast, my heart began to sing. the air was so refreshing, and the environment completely inspiring, not to mention the freedom I felt. Having broken out of the jail cell of the long winter months and the long pre ~ spring rains.. All with purpose, still having the weather, or the consequence of all of the greyness embedded in physche… I felt a rather sense of healing…  my soul was soothed by the vision that lied before me.


Moving has crossed my mind. I am toying with the concept as I write to you. The one thing is that my 19 year old is home. She has miraculously decided that the college choice she made was not for her. Smart girl. I was proud of her decision that arose early last February. While all of her peers are experiencing Sororities, drinking brawls, searching for the love of their lives, oh,,, yeah, and studying…. Aya's education right now is manifested by her real life decisions, to work, pay for her own gas, learning responsibilities that will guide her later in life. Searching for a new passion. Although dance was what she knew and worked towards since the age of 3, it was only natural to follow that path. This was how she realized there was another option.. several for that matter. Her dad and I are so proud of this kid. She struggles like most of us in the real world..   For me ? I have learned to trust her. I am learning to surrender, and not try to control this or that to prevent her from getting hurt.  No, She is making her own mistakes and as difficult for me it is to watch, I know that in the long run she will benefit this. Simultaneously, I have the urge to move, knowing that I am a hop, a skip and a jump away. I have lived enough to know that if I take the time to nurture myself, and am inspired by my new environment, those around me, friends, loved ones, customers…… all shall be satiated by my desire to move forward.

I know how close Boston is to Newburyport, I also know that with this new inspiration, Matsu will also benefit by my new approach to my life. Spring is here. The rains have ceased. No more flooding in the Wayland, Sudbury area. No more travel delays. In celebration of this beautiful time of year, I am offering 25% off everything at Matsu through the end of April. I suggest you try and stop in, indulge yourselves, and take advantage of this special offer.

I share with you photos of my recent Newburyport trips, and updated photos of the interior of Matsu, taken by Aya. I encourage the balance of creativity and academics. Here, I see her eye developing. Can't help but be proud.

Take a moment, to breathe and acknowledge all you, too have to be proud of ! Rediscover your own forgotten or neglected nearby land !

See you soon.
Yours in joy and style,


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  1. I like the simplicity of these pictures. Nice words to describe it! 🙂

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