How to Wear Black and Feel Colorful

Let's be honest:  most of us wear black a lot of the time. Many women choose black because it hides flaws – but it can also hide your personality and style. The hues that we wear play on the body and with our skin tone. The color black can be cold and often lacks the depth required to balance out one's appearance. Black is often the easiest choice to make when selecting new pieces to add to your wardrobe, but I would like you to expand your notion of "dressing in black" so that you can send a more personal message with your style!


Consider wearing charcoal, granite, slate and silver. Pieces in these colors can add texture and sophistication to a black ensemble, bringing you more into focus.  Layering greys with black also adds a bit of warmth to your look, making it more approachable.

Another palette I like to wear instead of black is shades of dark blue: navy, ink, midnight. These tones are elegant, deep and subtly sensual.  They surprise up close and become playful when accented with a lighter shade – and blues look good on almost everyone.


If you do wear black (and we all do) I urge you to consider texture as part of the equation. Flat black can inhibit your personal shine, so try to make it interesting by choosing pieces that have textural interest:  knits, sheers, pleats, ruffles. Or, accent the look with an accessory in another hue – use a shot of color with soft scarves from Faliero Sarti and Chan Luu in brick or pine and carry a leather bag from M0851 in emerald or garnet.

Jewelry is another great way to bring dimension to a black outfit, and Matsu has so many gorgeous pieces that I've hand-picked.  The glow of Margo Morrison's labradorite choker, the warmth of Ten Thousand Things' amber pieces and the sparkle of Lena Skadegard's faceted sterling bead necklaces add depth and irrepressible charm to any look.

I invite to visit us soon and experience Matsu and the looks I've described for yourself.  I look forward to seeing you…

Yours, In Joy,


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