Hilighting the senses of the season

I often find myself deeply enveloped during the month of September by everything offered. Perhaps I am more sensitive to it being that today is my birthday. I celebrate in any way I can, and enjoy all life has to offer. I start my experience by sharing with you reflected in the photos below each paragraph. The first being what looks like deep black purple bumps……….  They are fresh figs, folks. Basking in rich extra virgin olive oil, and an wonderfully aged balsamic vinegar. My intention was to grill these little gems, but once I awarded them with fresh ground pepper, I decided that they were wonderful in this culinary state. This is the month when we can find fresh figs ripe and juicy. Imagine them with grilled salmon, or as an accent with baby romaine lettuce, or just on their own as is… almost candy like, natural in sugar, but loaded with vitamins. Delicious and hearty all at once.


Next, in life's experience is a dream come true.  Something ever since my Dorothy days with her ruby slippers, I have wanted ( in addition to the ruby shoes )…. A Hot Air Balloon ride.  Well, I was heard, and was presented with this treat yesterday , at the crack of dawn I found myself being whisked away to an unknown place… Rohobeth.  Never new the town existed until then!  Observing the prep, the next thing I found was myself climbing into this Basket…. Had no idea if I would be fearful or not, no preconceived notions… a good place to practice that one. There were 4 us us plus the balloon driver…. a woman, which also surprised me. Can you imagine? Being trained for THIS? What was I missing all my life. before we could catch our breath the soft wind swept us up and away.  Not sure how high, but it was nothing but the most stimulating experience of tranquility, peace and solitude once we were up there. My eyes soaked up all of the terraine below, the roads, the waterways…Absolutely breathtaking.  Fear? Never dawned on me. This gift was such a treat, I highly recommend it to all of you !  I could have stayed up there for hours.   This unique experience was a wonderful gift.


For the finale in this Seasonal Blog, I introduce you not only to Judy, my new mannequin who now resides in the window on Newbury Street at MATSU, but the outfit she is donning… A marvelous jacket from Comme des Garcons. It is deep ink in color, and has a hem that has been scalloped.  The collection is new in the boutique, with other variations available as well. MATSU is also reeping the benefits of this Autumn season, by way of abundance. Jewelry, Ten Thousand Things, has just arrived, gorgeous and easy to wear. Scarves in all sizes, colors and from several new sources. The perfect thing to have when the weather has not yet broken to that continuous chill yet. I welcome you to visit, before your favorite size, shape or color is gone ! I also wanted to inform you that on October 14th we have been invited by the owners of the marvelous cafe, Off Center, in Weston Center to hold an informal Fashion Show. Food and wine will be served, and there is no admission. We require an RSVP however, and you may call us at MATSU. The number is 617.266.9707. See you all very soon. Enjoy this luscious season in all ways.


In joy,


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