History ~ Today. The New York Trip.

Ever driven past something year after year with curiosity ?
 What is it like up there ? Someday I want to go up there …. What goes on up there ?  Dava, just turn !!!  SO, yesterday driving North up the Henry Hudson Parkway,  I finally listened to my inner voice  after years of wondering realized. Do it now ! IMG_0612

I went to the Cloisters.

This medieval outpost is an extension of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Overlooking the Hudson River, it is a deeply relaxing and spiritual place. I gave me an opportunity to decompress after 7 days of standing and selling and networking at the New York International Gift Show. The Jacob Javits center was home to hundreds of booths world wide showing their wares. Uber stimuli. Good thing I know how to edit. IMG_0577

My visit to this museum was such a wonderful andectode for the space my mind had been in all week.  Fake air ( air conditioning) no music.. need I say more ? IMG_0646

The interlocking cloisters are faithfu reconstructionnns of five French monasteries . They were erected between 1934 and 1938 on a site offered by John D. Rockerfeller Jr. The museum is devoted to medieval architecture and medieval European art. The gardens are as peaceful and lush as the the interior rooms of this "castle".

 I could feel history, and grace while being there, yesterday and shot several photos.  It was a spiritual end to his New York Week. The contrast to all of the contemporary designed items that were shown, and then to experience  this history just showed me the diversity one can "taste" when the mind is open. I am sure this can happen daily in life. I became addicted to my lens as I sauntered through the little rooms of chapels, and  hallways. Absolutely beautiful.

The buildings and rooms reminded me of the Cote Bastide store in Paris, which I have written about in the past after returning from my last Parisian trip. This is the real deal, and although the flavor of the store in Paris was so authentic, being in this monestary was just mind and soul cleansing. IMG_0610


Accent on Design in New York was ultra stimulating and fun. I will include some booth shots reflecting the history I am discussing here. At the show, we created 3 rooms or vingnettes. One all white, the other off black, then with pride and royalty …. a metalic gold . Each space lent a different mood, different genre of merchandise. 


 Table top, desk top and personal body care products were shown. Our newest collection were designed in Japan ( as most of our merchandise ). The Evoltuion Eraser. Available in 3 colors. One sculpture reflecting several stages of ape to man. Crazy ! Take a look. $7.50 each. IMG_0489

  These erasers come packaged individually as seen above. Once they are yours, you may slice them up, and the results will look just like this ! IMG_0490

 Fiction ? Myth ? Reality ? Doesn't matter.. we all have our own opinions as to just how we got here. This is one myth. In a toy/functional item.  Adorable ! They will be available through many Musuem shops throughout the US, resulting in our efforts at the gift show, and on line through Japanese Modern Design. Com. 

I also must announce that the new Cote Bastide products will be available at Matsu this week, lending themselves to beauty for the senses in combination with history. Just look at this magnificent book… a wedding reception? creative writing ? what have you. I find this just so sensual and tactile to have and to hold. IMG_0541

  Look at the texture of these hand made pages !! In store this weekend. New candles, scents and candlesticks. All imported from France.


 My last photo culminates the old with the new. History with the present. Monestaries and booths. This was my week.  The porcelain collection above will also be available through the Japanese Modern Design.com website. Work in progress.


Just another journey in my life. New beginings.

 Often the on set of Autumn will inspire new approaches, new possibilities and energy. I listen, smell and hear. This is how I grow.  Taking each day as a new adventure and opporunity to move forward. 

I hope you enjoyed this journey of mine. I am now realizing how this talk of Medieval times has also an influence in my Nymph collection. I am quiet about it in this blog, but please know it is alive and prominent. All on view at the shop. Matsu !

New merchandise now arriving daily at Matsu. 264 Newbury St. !!! See you soon.

Yours in joy,



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  1. The building are awesome! I got no words!

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