Halloween whisks by, welcome November

On this 10th day of November. This month is flying right by. Thank goodness we can all see in the morning now! I share my thoughts about this autumn month. As we approach Thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful for. Health, creativity and the willingness to share so much with you. Halloween has passed, but I must include a couple photos of the creatures that I lived with for over one month. I have a very creative person in my life that loves staging sets. In this case, crazy monster like clowns. Many were creeped out by them, I myself felt so fortunate to be able to have them in such close proximity to my living quarters… Enjoy the photos, along with my Halloween costume photos.  




This blog allows me to express, and now on a more serious note and in the realm of Fashion, I share with you an essay written by me and I have been waiting to be able to release it. The title is How to Wear Black. (and feel colorful inside) There are tips in this and clues and just a little guidance in this color that we all wear, some of us too much, or incorrectly.. Yes, I can be the police in this… please feel free to share your thoughts with me.  I really welcome it. The photos of the mannequins are now dressed in this manner at Matsu.  Have fun, stay warm, and enjoy the time of year when candle burning is a must.  It conjures the feelings of sensuality and inspires a dull room to become bright with new feeling.  Our candles at Matsu are just $35. each, and they burn beautifully.. Try our new Merlot scent, and the Siberian fir…. many to choose from. Hope to see you soon !


Yours, In joy,

dava muramatsu

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