Frenzy, Fun and Frolic

 Why not? I decided today should be a that we could simply be. Play. Laugh. Cook. Dance. Listen to your favorite music. What ever it takes to go inside and just find that inner child and let her/him out. Don't be afraid. Play!

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 7.34.38 AM This photograph looks and feels like a complete delight, as the imagery taps into a very bright place for me, inside the soul. The mixture of colored lights as they seem, form the shape of hearts. The imagery reminds me of confetti. Happy times.  

As the Holiday season embarks upon us. It brings many emotions with it. Some sad, some introspective, some happy. It is easy when we think back upon our child hoods and recall the times of family gatherings, holiday lights and the celebrations abound. We concern ourselves with gift giving, and move about our lives this time of year with hussle and bustle. In actuality, this should be a time of peace, love and joy. No expectations. Just celebrations. This photo reminds me of the beauty that lies in Winter, as well as the magic a single Cardinal can inspire.
Screen shot 2012-12-04 at 10.18.12 PM No snow here yet, but with the thoughts and sense of Winter months, we hibernate and light more candles inside, more fires and become much more inward. The introspective moods this time of year is a way to nurture ourselves. Lighting a fire accompanies this.


At the beginning message for this post, the weather shed warmer degrees. It is now freezing rain outdoors. Not conduscive to running out to a 6 am power yoga class as intended for  this morning- everthing is ice. I realize the fear in my body around the notion of leaving in the dark. Therefore, I accept, and write. With the tragedies occuring in the world- and in our own back yard, the Connecticut massacre. Horrific. Stunned the lives of many, all over the world. Guns are certainly an issue, but I think the mental state is far worse. They don't reside well together, for sure. The lives are lost, and those surrounding it will never be the same. For this we pray. For happiness, joy and peace in the world. In our own lives and 1 state away, a rural little Connecticut town. 

These times, healing is very crucial. There are endless ways to approach this. Escaping comes to mind..However, upon the return, there you are. Facing the tragedy, dealing with the mourn, especially at this fragile time of year- anyway- triggering many emotions inside of us all, in one way or another. Traditionally, families and friends unite, but for those lacking, it can be a very down time of the year. My heart goes out to those suffering, and to those who have lost loved ones recently or years ago. The pain dulls in time, but in reality, it still exists. 

Color, retail therapy, a cocktail in a social setting, music, excercize are a few ways to handle the healing process. When I mention color, immediately, my association goes to my passion. Gemstones. These, crystals and minerals all have healing properties as well as other properties to benefit our life. Through astrology, the science of this healing technique allows our minds to soak up the knowlege with ease.

My attraction to stones began in elementary school. My fascination with science was limited to the gemstones. The colors, textures and discoveries had me captivated. Little did I know way back then, that I would actually invite them into my life, now as an adult , designing with these stones. I will describe more about the direct connection between the Astrological aspect and the gemstones themselves as time goes on, but for the moment, when you visit my website , as you click on any piece of jewelry, you will learn something! The stones speak. They all have "personalities" that delight, heal, feel good and look wonderful to the eye, on the body and just beautiful to hold.  The Etsy site has been a work in progress. Like building a house. Little by little. Step by step, every inch of the way. I didn't realize the time it takes to build, and the substantial resolutions once completed. But layering and building the "store" is different than having a brick and mortar structure I was so accustom to. The challenges here are very different, but in shooting the jewels, I hope you can all" feel" them with your eyes.

  I provide a simple visual of 3 gemstones here. This is one of the newest additions to the Etsy site. 

I love the playful jewel tones in this delicate yet powerful piece. When visiting the pieces on the site, you will find descriptions, healing tips and benefits in wearing anything from a Diamond, to an Amethyst.

I love sharing this with you, and hope that you will visit the Shop. Nymph Jewels.  I will be adding more information all about my new journey through the stones as it enters my life.

For those of you wishing to continue receiving my blog – I am thrilled. For those who do not, I invite you to unsubscribe at any time.

I would love hearing from you, so feel free to contact me through my blog at anytime.. or on Etsy.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and hope the magic carries you throughout the new year!

Season Greetings,

In joy,




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