exploring what’s hidden within

 One day, I had a friend.  Our relationship was steady, and based on merging on many mental and emotional levels. We shared fashion, feelings and thoughts. We shared spirituality and where we were on our journey.  She is one of the fortunate people wise enough to realize not only that she was is to alter her life in ways that bring her more happiness, but that she has the power to make changes.


The possibilities that existed outside of her daily routine haunted her. She decided that she wanted to unleash some of her experiences and thoughts via her personal blog. She wanted photos to accompany the flavor and tone of her writing.

She glides through life on a very cautious path. Being careful, and gingerly acting on her inner whims, which she has just begun to recognize. Like a child taking his/her first steps.


She asked me to take some rather clandestine photographs of her. Mind you, I had photo courses in art school. But with my composition and color back ground, I thought this could be fun.  Little did I realize that in playing with her and the camera, it also unleashed some of my own hidden desires !  Wednesday evening, I allowed my self to slip into a small abyss. I am sharing a few of the photos here, on this post.

I felt the freedom to provoke her into accessing a personality, or an alter ego, that is deeply leashed within her. In doing so, Ilightly, I prepared myself to delve into this project and was stimulated and inspired. It was a means for me to access not only my own inner senses, but hers.

This is one level that I explore, and encourage all of you to tap into. This can even be done by changing your way of dress, eating different foods, and trying things you often are too embarrassed or afraid to taste

I touched on this in my last couple posts. The year 2009 is the time to Unleash and explore what is deep inside, and to get in touch with your own "alter ego".   I know I have more to share in this universe. No time like the now ! We live only once, in this form. I suggest taking the big leap. It's not that scary.  Facing our fears is the best conquer of all,


In Joy,


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