Everything Challenging

 Do you wonder; Why this weather?  Why this economical state? Why are we so challenged at this time?

It is nearly spring and we've just received about 18" of snow. It's the beginning of March. We wait for daffodils and crocus to peek through the ground, right? Instead, Mother Nature decides to grace us with more white powder.  The good news, is there is no ice underneath it all. Honestly, that thought is what helps me get through the  days right now. Knowing that there is light in the morning upon awakening and a really happy thought is the clocks being adjusted this coming Sunday morning (March 8), see? To me, it is like a seeing a rainbow!  I am not a crazy optimist, but at the moment, anything helps.


I have noticed that with this indoor time, as we begin to awaken our senses from the long hard winter, I have been focusing on clearing out old stale files, old information, too many credit cards to the same company!  Consolidation. Clearing. Focusing. Why not? Once your "files, drawers, and interiors" are organized, you are left with so much wonderful open space for nature and what your life has in store for the near future.

This challenging time is necessary. Don't rebel and complain about it. It is here for a reason. Perhaps we are just too self absorbed to see the opportunity in it. Take this time to rest, breathe, embrace and observe. What we have at this moment.  Life is a wave. Cycles of crying, laughter, feeling and being.

New merchandise arriving daily, excites me. I hope you can arrange to stop in soon and see what we love this season at Matsu! Until then,


Dava Muramatsu

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