Escaping close and feeling far; with nature as inspiration

Waking up one day only to realize, anything is possible. thinking outside the box. What does that really look like ? ANYTHING you want !  The beauty of re~inventing your life circumstances, motives and benefits. Sounds abstract, right?  But if you separate your thoughts and ONLY deal with them one by one, you will find it amazing how the small amount of energy to think differently you wonder, why not ???


Getting away from daily life helps this happen. My trip to Maine recently reminded me of how wonderful breathing in the ocean air is. Just to have the ability to view a different scene, landscape and terrain.

The Cliffs of Maine are breathtaking. The rocky imperfections so natural, and the vast view of ocean and sky just induces a dream state. Fun and frolic in the water, the sun and the sand was pretty much how I described the time I had up there. 

By the return trip home, a day later, I was absolutely ready for my life to unfold in the state I left. The comfort of it, and the ability to mold the time to fit any inner desire was so welcoming. Even with this brief time away, I felt how good this tiny escape was.  Upon returning, also, I realized how one doesn't always need the grandiose escape we think we need in order to attain the sense of internal freedom, and the  inner vacation we thought we needed to begin with! I discover that while away, anywhere, I mentally free myself to experience nature in it's state of being. I breathe through the vision with clarity. I bask in the message while turning nature back into my life. This influences my thoughts, and actions while inspiring the merchandise choices at Matsu. The collections of clothing, bags, jewelry, scarves etc. portrayed in the boutique are for those the who come in seeking. The results can be soulfully rewarding. Those that enter will definitely endure either a museum like experience or a more personal one depending on which or all of your 5 senses are triggered at the time.

In conjunction with my Maine trip, I have culminated the idea and recalled my last trip to New York city.I worked with Lena Skadegard's jewelry, actually feeling and touching the messages they brought to my eyes and soul, it was obvious to me then that Lena, too is moved by the spirit of nature. I am titillated by her stones and the stories she shares with me about them. I will also share these with you as well as a photo of her after this weekend. I will interview her at that time and learn what else drives her inspiration. I do know that her piecesedoke the Divine Feminine. This is innate.Not something you can practice. You be it. The Rudraksh Rosary pictured here is one of the last available ever. They are rare beads. The necklace is a limited edition piece. There is a 22k vintage fruit pendant hanging from the bottom center with a small ruby set in the fruit.The Rudkrash berries have tremendous significance when worn and are intended to sanctify and unify the mind, spirit and body, impart compassion and protect. The seeds are used for meditation. The seeds and the guru bead come from the Himalayan foothills.


I hope you enjoyed reading about this magnificent piece that is even more than a necklace with it's hidden mystery. Worn with jeans, a t shirt, or to adorn an all black outfit adding visual texture not to mention the wonderful spirit hidden within.

I will be featuring my life experiences as I have been doing, and introducing a designer as well beginning with the next blog. I am speaking about Lena here, but with out her photo, it seems to lack a bit. I find it important to have a face associated with the work. I am thrilled and honored to be able to meet her this Friday evening, at which time she will walk me through her collection. Although I have been selling her work at Matsu for a while, I didn't have the background information which I want, and hope you do too!

See you soon.  I will share my New York trip upon my return!

Yours in Joy,

Dava Muramatsu

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