Enjoying the Summer’s Pleasantries


The new moon in Leo .Early August here already, time to soak up and enjoy as much as we can weather wise, and of course enjoying the lengthy days of this season and the light still present. They are beginning to wan and fall will be here soon.  The colors of flowers reflect this. The cosmos remind me of little pink tourmalines that could be sprinkled around the neck of any of us. Flowers often remind me of semi precious stones. The rocks remind me of the greyish hue of Labordorite, pictured here. The necklace is by Lena Skadegard.  One of my many favorite jewelers. In seeing her work, I get the feeling that I discovered it by having dug deep under ground. There is an antiquity feel to it, loaded with richness.

Lena Lab bracelets

Matsu is beginning to absorb the all of the benefits of the discoveries made by me in prior months when we were all enjoying the spring, I was choosing new products, color palettes and forecasting what I chose to bring to you all for this season approaching. Autumn. Here, in late summer we have the luxury of enjoying this and still bask in the warmth the sun has to offer. Our Majestic collection of Luxurious Tees, have arrived and since the textures of them are so yummy, scooping a few up to help in the Seasonal transition is a bonus !

I close this blog day with a photo of what we used to eat our dinner for… even the Lima beans we hated back when….. just to be able to indulge in the Good Humor Ice Cream… of choice.  Can you remember the music from afar in the neighborhood ? I do. On my last trip to New York City, when I was buying wonderful things to share with you at Matsu, I  was in a taxi on the lower West side of New York  and Hark !  I see a Good Humor Truck. I thought I was hallucinating.  Look at how clean it is !!!  I love that.


Enjoy the moments of summer while they are here. Being in the moment and not projecting ahead keeps us all present. Smell the flowers, taste the ice cream . Don't be bashful to indulge yourself.  .  We live only once . May I also remind you the August 16 and 17 is the weekend that helps us indulge even more. No tax on all purchases.  Matsu is offering a discount that weekend in addition to the non tax benefit of discounts on all jewelry and accessories, and yes, there is a lot of new stuff arriving daily!  Splurge.  You deserve it.





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