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It began with 5 long 9 hour days. As our summer weather finally settles in, I wind up indoors for these 5 days at a trade show.. Not without excitement however. I roam amidst the bountiful isles of new and up coming designers exhibiting their wares some for the first time, some who have been at it for a longer time. I am referring to the New York Gift Show. Within the vast exhibition are different categories. Accent on Design, Handmade, Extracts. Something for every sense. I was in heaven.

New York City's energy was high. It usually is. I fed on it. I thrive on it. I can't wait to get down there always, and very happy to be back in a slightly more relaxed environment once back in Boston. I use this dichotomy as an asset. It creates a balance with in.

I never go to any market with a concept in mind, I just always pray to have the faith that I'll be guided towards new and emerging ideas for Matsu and for my life as well as yours.


I promised a photo of Lena Skadegard in my last entry, and having had dinner with her last Friday night, after sifting through her collections of stones once more, I share a snap shot of the 2 of us enjoying dinner and learning about each other's rather unusual lives.

It is always a treat for me to learn what makes a designer tick. I believe it is important knowledge to have, in order to sell merchandise and share the history behind the work. Be it a jewelry, a glass blower, a leather artisan, and as unusual as this one is, a man that designs lead sculptures that are used for drawing.


I was also thrilled to find a new line of candles. One can never have too many, and as the days close earlier and darkness sets in to create the lighting in an environment towards dusk, lighting one of the little gems brings me such contentedness. These candles are hand made, and I found very very unique. Setting the mood for dining, relaxing or just to create an atmosphere filled with sensuality, I found 7 new scents portrayed in 2 separate styles. One collection of scents focuses on the winter and the holiday season, but burnable year round, as they depict the smells of nature such as pine, and berries. The other a bit more ornate and gorgeous, trigger the imagination with a more complex scent palette, that of Paris. The etching on the glass votive's exterior is obvious in describing that old Parisian feeling. Cant wait to burn all of them.


I met a glass blower in her booth that resides and works in Rhode Island. The vases and glass ware I chose spoke to me as little jewels for table tops, flower containers and the the ultra light glassware in these bright tones are unlike anything I have ever had in the shop before. I love that ! Her name is Laura Kramer. I found the work very balanced. A wonderful addition to your home, office or any other room in  life.


As I meandered down the isle, I found my self standing for what felt to be a very long time in a booth that I had a hard time determining why it was so comfortable. I was surrounded by leather. A natural material that has been transformed into the most magnificent journals, coasters, wine log books, and handsome wrist bands. This gentleman, who's name slips my mind this moment is from Utah. The collection he creates out of leather is unique in that the price points are so reasonable ,affordable and it is all created here in the United States. What a pleasant bonus ! Not only to seek and find, but to support artisans from this country.



Last for this entry I share with you this artisan who creates the most unusual writing instruments made from lead. I suppose I could say I ordered pencils for the shop and for all of you, but that would be an understatement. These fine pieces are sculptures for the desk top. You will be handling the head of a bird, or perhaps an olive branch. A Shell..  all of these pieces a vision. A vision with another purpose. I am showing a sampling, and a photograph of the designer.



I am thrilled to have this opportunity to share my New York market experience with you as a prelude of what's to come ! Stay tuned. This is a very exciting time.

I look forward to merchandising these wares to tantalize ,tease and bewitch you all and your friends. The art of seduction. 

As Matsu gears up for this season, I will share my experiences in searching, discovering and relinquishing  the art of it all.

Yours in spirit,

D a v a

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