Death has a new meaning

My sudden return to Florida on Wednesday after "the phone call", I managed to be on a plane within a couple hours, and land in Sarasota.

When I was really young, I thought the worse thing in the world was losing my parents. My roots, my childhood, my memories. Then, I had the gracious opportunity to be with my dad minutes before he passed. The most tranquil, and serene experience ever. There was no drama, no negativity, no fear, just Peace. This was how I experienced losing my Dad.

I am thankful to have had him for as long as I have been alive. He died at the ripe complete age of 91.

I just know that he is happy, and as I was about to fall asleep last night, I felt a cool breeze on my nose, I thought of it as my dad's happy, musical spirit…  Thankful to have the last living moments with him which I will never forget.

I was able to soak up a bit of the rejuvinating sun while there, but still a bit restless on the beach.  Time will heal us all.


Thank you for letting me share my feelings on this very fragile subject. Life goes on, and I am here to spread the love, the beauty and style from within and hopefully inspire while doing so.


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