Buying trip to NYC for Jewels and accessories

  I just love traveling to places that I have been.  There is always more to discover. Discovery for me is very inspiring. Finding things one would never expect. The key is to alway have an open mind in life.

Last week I attended the Accessory Circuit with my 17 year old who amazes me daily with her interest in my career. Her fresh eye is an aid and also inspiration to my buying decisions. Who knows where she will wind up ? Tis the time for seasoning her and teaching her all I know. She is like a sponge. You will see her below in a shop that we had no intention in seeing.  An authentic Dress Form and Mannequin shop tucked away in one of the side streets on our way to meet a new Bag Designer…. Someone I am thrilled to introduce to all you MATSU Fans as soon as they arrive. Stay tuned for that one! But for now Aya is standing next to a variety of sizes of brand new dress forms… Any of you having visited MATSU will know that we love displaying outfits and concepts on them.. However, mine are all antiques. Here, I discovered a perfect size 6 form who know lives at MATSU along with her friend, Judy.  A mannequin with a face!!   Rather retro in appearance, but I fell in love with her. She is now residing in our center front window, and looks forward to meeting all of you …  Funny. but true. She can wear pants….. we love that!


Next in line is Lena Skadegard's hand. The designer who I just met, is known for her ethnic and relic like looking jewelry. Many ultra long necklaces designed for layering. Such as the magnificent one photo'd here, in Flourite. Soft tones of greens, and light blues. it is about 30" long and looks amazing with all of her sterling silver beaded necklaces from India. She, herself was born in Denmark and is half Indian. Residing in India for most of the year. At MATSU you can see her rich Labordorite, pearls, citrines, knotted gold on cord, her moonstones, opals….. All so very pure and sensual to the eye. That ring on her hand I am pining for. Hopefully it will be on my finger the next time I see you ! Most of her pieces are one of a kind and range from $110 for a bracelet up to $1200 for an exotic necklace. Come and see! Take advantage of our Tax Free Weekend coming up !


And then we have a photo of this wonderful soul Aya and I happened to catch on the corner of Broadway and Spring…  How happy he was with his bubble machines… In retrospect, I am wishing we bought one. He was so jovial and loved that we took his photo.. Unbeknownst to him……. he would appear on my Blog.



Thanks for allowing me the pleasure to share with you. Stay tuned for more, Hope to see you at MATSU. We are having a sale this weekend on Jewelery and Accessories in celebration of the annual Tax Free days. August 16th and 17th!  Happy Shopping. Enjoy the summer… what is left of it.  And don't fret about the rainy days… all of our inner wells are being replenished with each and every storm.

I would love to hear from you, so don't be bashful! I inspire you to write back.

In joy,



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