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 Hi there !  Welcome to my newest post. This one focuses on style, and achieving it through photography,movement, and colors using elements that are a part of the shell of the store.

This is a departure for me. I am about to share a real life experience, that I am grateful for. This photo shoot, taken place on June 8 at Matsu, included the collaboration of Avanti Hair Salon, Bob Packert Photography, Matsu ( me) and Aya.

Kate from Avanti approached me several weeks ago and expressed her desire to somehow combine hair and clothing.  Blown out style. ( no pun)  We originally planned on shooting on the roof, but we all would have burned up on this blistery hot day in June. Rather early for this intense heat, wouldn't you say ?

The goal was to show off the hair; styling by Troi Young. The other goal was to show off the clothing at Matsu while highlighting Nymph. My jewelry. Our mission was to portray style, using a very natural face, and natural light. We discovered subtle areas within Matsu that we walk by daily, but with new fresh eyes, the tall front window becomes the focal point for a wonderful backdrop. IMG_6225

We put Nara Paz's sequin and blush organza dress on Aya, and I piled smoky and rudilated quartz necklaces. This dress needed very little to accentuate it's elegance, so I kept the jewelry pallet as natural as I could. Aya wore baroque pearl earrings which are just faintly visible. Just what I wanted. IMG_6232

 What a gift, days before my 20 year old departs for California, we were able to coordinate ourselves on a day that lent itself to full fledged creativity ! Nara's dresses are elegant and very easy to wear. The fit is true to size, and her craftsmanship impeccable. The natural tones here allow the wearer to become the focus, in a naturally beautiful state.

The next series  of photos were taken in the front doorway of 264 Newbury St. The back ground blasted out using natural light. I pulled a fan out of the closet, so we could create movement of the poker straight hair, and the softness of Lilith's soft blue silk georgette dress. The ruffles around the neckline created such a contrast to the hair. What a wonderful mood here.  IMG_6255

  The moss aquamarine necklaces have a diamond. The long one held as a rosary has a gigantic Tahitian pearl, and hangs about 32". the other choker is larger smoky quartz rondelles with moss aqua teardrops hanging around it. This photo ( as all of them here was taken by me, as I am watching Bob honing his own craft.

I somehow captured the light as he did, but I am sure once we produce his photos, I will embarrass myself. 

The next series in the same outfit portray a rather haunting sense. Mystery. Quiet sensuality. Through the looking glass.  IMG_6264

 I walk through this door everyday to enter Matsu. Funny, how a vision is altered through the lens of a camera. Leave it to Bob, to have discovered this gorgeous piece of glass, that can become such a habit to the eye. Old, antique, beauty. IMG_6278

All of a sudden, I thought we should change it up, once again. Paprika silk charmeuse top designed by IIlia. I combined it with a tulle printed skirt from Lilith.  This series was shot in the blazing sun in the rear of Matsu. The contrast of the light and the paprika tone agains the deep teal velvet drapes is captivating. Visually just demanding attention. IMG_6268

Nymph again. Tons. Madiera citrines, whiskey quartz, topaz and diamonds. The look is over done to the point that the textures just become so elegant and desirable.

 This is what I chose to share with you, from our behind the scenes photo shoot. I was so proud to be a part of this day, and to style, play and be in the company of such talent. Bob, I thank you again, and Troi ? always a pleasure to see your heart pumped as you do what you do best.

Kate, I thank you for bringing the concept to me, and Yes, I am proud of my little girl. It was such fun working with you all.

Stay tuned for more.

Yours in joy,


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  1. brilliant… LOVE it all!!! <3

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