All that Glitters is not gold…


Why is it that we all can become enchanted by things that Glitter ? Glitter inspires dreams. It allows us to get lost in thought while staring or in a trance as we stare at the article.The definition of Glitter is to shine with a brilliant sparkling light or luster. We all know that diamonds sends this message. We certainly know that gold shares the same quality. How many of you know that Citrines do the same ? This translucent  golden ~ yellow stone is a member of the quartz family. The citrine is known as the "stone fo the mind ". Ancient cultures believed that  by placing a citrine on the forehead would increase psychic power. IMG_4205

Used by healers to also increase self esteem, open the mind to new thoughts and possibilities as well as promoting thought clarity. The citrine is one of the minerals which does not hold and accumulate negative energy, but in fact ,helps to dissipate it. The healing properties of Citrine is considered to benefit the digestive system, cleansing and purifying any toxins that accumulate with the body and acts as an eliminating force of release. The Citirine is an excellent stone to calm and soothe distressed conditions and is also used to relieve depression. It will bring joy and love to the owner. I have chosen the Citrine for each edition of Nymph that I produce. It is nearly a  subconscious choice. As I stare at strands of them, I find myself day dreaming into the sparkle. I become mesmerized by the possibilities it can inspire the wearer. It is not as light, of course as diamonds, but depending on the cut and the facets, the nature of the stone in multi-strands or in single strands is just so dazzling and the effect is positive on nearly every skin tone.Pictured here is pile of Citrines pre-designed as they are purchased. I am also showing you a magnificent necklace that has 3 different cuts of the stone all wrapped up into one 5 strand necklace, and the other photograph shows a bracelet. There is something rather magical about wearing the stone, and I am sharing my experience with them here in this post with you. IMG_4191

I will send out a notice once the next production is complete, which should be in about 3 weeks.  Exclusive to Matsu at 259 Newbury St., here in Back Bay Boston.  For now, I also am sharing a pair of "not your average diamond studs" pictured here. standing up in a small pile of dirt. The photo represents a juxtaposition of Glamor and Earth. These are one of a kind and available now at Matsu. I thought they were so powerfully demure! IMG_4210

On another note. Brimfield has come and gone. This being a highlight of my life last year. To the point that Channel 5's Chronicle somehow found me there scouting last year when I was in the thick of searching for mismatched chairs for a project in Japan. They repeated the segment a few weeks ago, and though I didn't see it this time around, I had several calls telling me that it aired again. My focus was on smaller items including vintage ribbon, I scored a Maxfield Parrish Print identical to one I owned over 25 years ago that disappeared. My new one is now hanging on a wall in my home, and each time I look at it, it triggers the day dream state. Calming and inspiring all at the same time.

As I scurried around the fields filled with all sorts of booths, my eyes land on a pile of Locks.  Yes, padlocks. they look like jewelry to me…… So, I just shot the table of them. I just loved them. So many of them ! That's it for now, folks.  Stay tuned. Enjoy the luscious weather, blue skies and wanderlust this time of year can provoke. See you soon !

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