What I see, smell & taste


What I see…
Life is filled with all sorts of surprises and treats. Keeping an open mind, and heart when going about daily business, one can be pleasantly surprised by the sights, the smells and the tastes. I am about to share some of my recent experiences here with you. Starting with the crazy looking, well executed truck covered with graffiti. The choice of tones and colors here remind me of a palette from the 1950s. I was simply driving down 38 th street from 11th avenue, coming from the Jacob Javits Center. I was stopped at a light when the sight of the vehicle struck me. I thought it was rather powerful. I took this photo with my Blackberry… Not too bad, right ? 


Onward.. These crazy little faces are products that we exhibited in our booth at the New York International Gift Fair/ Accent on Design. This show took place for 5 fat days. These little guys are available in off white and off black. These "stress" toys are made of silicone. You can squish their faces until the cows come home, and be stress free once you decide to allow your hands and fingers to depart the touch . They will bring you pleasure, smiles, and maybe even some stress release. They are sold individually, about $38. each. Imported exclusively from Japan. Available, at Matsu.


What I taste…
Next on this list of senses are these luscious apricots. 


Have you ever seen such an array of bountiful colors ? Very soft, yet harmonious. The apricots this season were juicy and begging to be brought home.

I decided to try something that I have done with fresh figs. I halved these little guys and sauteed them lightly with the smallest amount of extra virgin olive oil, face down,drizzled some aged balsamic vinegar,  then cracked some tillicherry pepper corns over them. I sauteed them on medium, and within about 5 minutes, the apricots were transformed. They were enjoyed over a bed of fresh baby arugula, and then again for desert with a side scoop of Vanilla ice cream.  Yum ! That's what I call celebrating the flavor of the season !


Now for the spices……… See Smell Taste. This is the name of the collection. I coined the phrase for my blog heading as you can see. It inspired me. Here, we have a photo of salt, pepper corns, and spice. Not just any salt, pepper or spice….. Starting with the spice. Ras el Hanout is one of the jewels from this spice repertoire that we now are selling, and distributing to gift shops through out the US. This product will be available at Matsu in early October in gift sets.


This spice in particular, is the color similar to paprika, Ras el Hanout is a blend of 26 herbs and spices of the highest quality. Emphasis on aphrodisiac elements like grains of paradise, cubeb pepper, javanese long pepper and Iranian saffron, Its sparing use will delight the most discriminating taste. White Pangasinan Salt: pure white low sodium sea salt is hand hand harvested from the ancestral salt beds of the Philippines province of Pangasinan. Lightly crunch in texture that accents it's bright clean flavor. Tellicherry Pepper Corns. Harvested by hand only when it has matured and the essential oils have reached their peak. These Indian Tellicherry peppercorns are sun ~ dried on Bamboo mats for one week and meticulously cleaned and sorted. The rich aromatic flavor is matched by it's lustrous deep brown-black color, giving way to the the classic wrinkled texture. These spices and more will be available in gift sets of 4 assorted flavors retailing somewhere from around $32 ~ $48, depending on the nature of the spice. Look for them. I will most likely be sending out an announcement when they are in !


Next: The Iron Fairies.  Bringing home a fantasy in a box. these little ladies are charming and will bring luck. They become your new friend, and who knows ? Maybe luck will enter the stars surrounding your life. They come complete with Fairy Dust, and a description of their character. I could not resist ! They were so enchanting, and brought me back to another time and place. Way off in the distance. Sweet ! These little ladies will also be available at Matsu sooner than you blink and eye.  A little fantasy is healthy and broadens the imagination. I am just here to relay the discovery. so that you can have one too. Brings out the inner child.. to say the least ! 

What I smell…

Copy (2) of IMG_4646

The designer from this series has also made a soap that has a combination of lavender, rose petal and sandalwood. As you can see by the photo.. they are old fashion style hand made.Sandalwood. The history is extensive, and I am about to edit it here. It is a rare tree used in ancient times (over 4,000) years ago in India. The tree is sacred, and was an important part of devotional rituals. The Sandalwood tree is highly aromatic. The evergreen tree ranges from tall shrubs to large trees. Following tradition the wood of the tree is used to make sacred objects, and various hand carved ornaments. My obsession with the nature of this scent, and wood is how soothing both are. To the eye, and to the nose. The scent in incense from can transform a room from stale to fresh, leaving a hint of spiritual energy. We are selling boxes of this incense in the pure Sandalwood state, as well as it being combined with another woodsy scent and it is partnered here with Patchouly. Those who know me, know this is a component of my signature sent. Very spa like. Euphoric, nearly. These boxes of incense are at Matsu now. A perfect thank you gift for just $10.


A cheap way to transform a room, right ??? Or the energy in it. With my fixation of this scent, that I must say I discovered back in the era of 1970s. Art School. I loved it then, and still find it resonates with me now. In my current state of life.. as most of you know, I am deeply committed to Nymph. In many ways. The line speaks to my heart, my soul and mind. It is forever changing, and I have just discovered that you can wear the Sandal wood scent.


I was able to locate authentic Sandal wood beads. different millimeter sizes, and have created the sweet little bracelets with diamond accents, as well as the more pronounced necklaces that have 18k accents along with the gorgeous deep brown topaz. 


These are limited and I just made them. They are at Matsu. I hope you have an opportunity to come in once you are all back from your Summer escapes… The weather today, a relief I think. The grounds need the water, and the rain, but Newbury Street also welcomes the hustle and bustle of what Autumn generally brings.l Hoping this year is no exception !


SAVE THE DATE ! Our 15th anniversary party, celebrating style with the Women's Lunch Place a partner in this celebration. Just call the shop and RSVP if you are coming. Sept 26. 6~8.  Treats, a surprise and of course style. Celebrate with us !!! I hope your senses have been stimulated. Mine are !

See you soon. Yours in Joy, Dava
Now the finale.

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  1. I love your emails….they are sooo beautifly written…..of course I’m a fan of your shop too!!!
    The last time I was there was for my 6oth birthday with my family & purchased my present from my children there.I love it & have wonderful memories of the milestone in my life!

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