The Super Harvest Moon and Matsu !


For the first time in 20 years, northern autumn is beginning on the night of a full Moon. The coincidence sets the stage for a Super Harvest Moon and a must ~see sky show to mark the change of seasons.

On September 22 ( My birthday : )  the last day of northern summer, the sun sinks in the west, bringing the season to a close. THe full Harvest Moon rose in the east last night, heralding the start of fall. The two sources of light will mix together to create a kind of 360 ~ degree summer-autumn twilight glow seen only on rare occasions. 

The golden orb may appear strangely inflated ! This is the Moon illusion at work. For reasons not fully understood by astronomers, a low-hanging moon appears much wider than it really is. The results are remarkable and absolutely gorgeous !

The celebration of the most colorful time of year begins at Matsu this week.


This afternoon we are honoring the arrival of Lilith. The long awaited collection, which looks even better than my memory of buying the collection last March !  We are holding a preview over wine this afternoon into early this evening.

We also have worked very hard at re merchandising the interior of the boutique and feel that it is as full with products, clothing, and jewelry as a comparison to that of the Harvest Moon.

Please join us this evening and be the first to see the unveiling of this season's Lilith collection. Guaranteed, something for everyone, despite your needs, desires or just simple curiosity !

The Harvest Moon era of this season also brings us to our 15th year in this location at 259 Newbury St.

Quite an accomplishment even if I should say so myself:with modesty. Honest !  For those who don't know, and have not yet RSVPd…. We are celebrating this rare moment on Sunday, September 26, 2010.


We wanted to hold a celebration, and I began conjuring ideas up last June. It was then, that this date popped into my head, and little did I realize then that this is also the beginning of Boston Fashion Week !

We have included a partnership with the Women's Lunch Place on Newbury St. Please go to for details.  This is an organization that I feel compelled to make a difference in the lives of these women. Having had the opportunity to see the goings on and great doings on a daily basis as I dropped off some past season and gentle worn clothing, I was absolutely moved by the positivity and the amount of lunches served daily. You may visit their web site for more details, if you are curious.

We are asking for donations of non worn or gently worn clothing, gloves, shoes, umbrellas etc. These items will be given on Sunday night to the WLP as well as the proceeds from the raffle money. You will recieve 20% off an purchase of $200 or more should you bring a donation !!

I knew this was a great opportunity for us all to help them help others.

 Please join us on Sunday, and if you planned to come we must have an RSVP from you by tomorrow ! You may call, or email . We will happily add your name to the list.

We have created magic, color, fun, raffle, surprises. and treats. Informal modeling of this seasons must haves!

Hope you can come. for more details, please see the invite attached for both events we are holding. Lilith is today and tonight, our Magic of Matsu Celebration is on Sunday, September 26.

Please note the excerpt regarding the Harvest Moon was written by Dr. Tony Phillips

See you all soon. Can't wait. This is a very exciting time of year. Abundace all around. With the weather, the produce and the season's best clothing and style.

Yours in joy,


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