Parisian sights Edition II


Hello to you all !  I just was dying to continue my Parisian post, but honestly couldn't motivate myself with the skies so relentlessly gray and dark. Rain pouring each and every second of the day since late last week.



I awaken this morning with daylight. The skies are blue, and the air is crisp. The tulips no doubt are so happy. And here I am speaking for the sake of saturating my own thoughts, and hopefully teasing yours. !



The photos reflect a spark that triggered my curiosity.  Otherwise it's simple. They inspired me. The juxtaposition of colors, or tradition with non traditional style. The city of lights is re known for the energy, and when I am in it, I try to absorb, all of the sights like a sponge. I often feel like a little girl in a candy store.. I share with you my sights.




What's next ? I will revert back to what is hot, and what is necessary for your Spring/Summer must haves. All… available at Matsu.  But for now ?  Let's just delve into my life as I see it, in Paris.  I hope something in any of the photos inspire you !  I want to hear from you.

Yours in joy,


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