The Rainbow and it’s Magic

There is nothing more breathtaking than realizing during a sun shower, one could be lucky enough to discover a rainbow ! This magical moment is triggered by the combination of rain and sun. Naturally, I am aware of the scientific complexity around the formation of the rainbow, but this is not the point in my sharing with you this experience.   My point as you will read, is a little background information on the mysterious rainbow, and also to share the feeling of being Peter Pan, or a princess in the forest  while observing this natural process in the sky.. I expected to see little elves, whirling dervishes and leprechauns all at once in my back yard during this magnificent experience on Monday evening.

This is when I begin to acknowledge the merging of fantasy and reality.  A wild place of comfort for my mind and my soul. Any inhibitions are unleashed during the viewing of a rainbow. It is infinite. It is freeing. It triggers any thing is possible in  your life. No barriers. Just imagination, promise, hope, healing and possibility.

 The rainbow is a natural phenomenon and metaphor noted for it's beauty, rene wal, hope and love. It's inexpressibility has been a favorite component of mythology through art history.


The rainbow has always captured the joy and imagination of the human spirit. From the Greek Goddess, Iris to the Rainbow Serpent of the Aborigines of Australia, the rainbow has been a symbol and tool of perception and the gentle power of diversity and creative energy . The rainbow personifies it's universally shared perception of coloras an "alphabet" expressing the range of human emotions. The association of colors easily translate into magical and perceptual technology applied to everything from psychotherapy to candle spells!The vision of the entire rainbow translates into an open road for that which is possible for human beings, as I just stated above. To me, one word comes to mind.  Magic !

In nature, the rainbow has few rare natural expressions. It's arc appearance reflects light and the water drops of the rain act like a prism. Consequently portraying that image we all have most likely seen on a box of Lucy Charms cereal.  In a more serious context, the rainbow is used as the base for an artist's pallet, and in healing, the energy centers of the body, known as the Chakras.


Sir Issac Newton's color wheel is red, orange, yellow, green , blue, indigo and violet. This being the universal language for painters and healers world wide.

The next time it rains, and the sun shines, breathe , believe and receive what ever the skies may be telling you at that very moment. Dream on and enjoy the vision that Mother Nature provides us.

Thank you for letting me share my experience with you, and for reading my blog.

Always in spirit and joy,


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