The perspective of life from another place

I rest, relax and soak up the Sarasota weather, I bask in the thought of how replenishing this is for my soul. The weather here is surreal. It triggers my senses but I question why we live in the Northeast.  The quality of life . That's why. Florida is wonderful on a temporary basis. Visiting my Mom and brother and sister after my dad passed away, was the main reason for coming back here. I am making the most of it. after 7 days here with one day only of stormy skies and torrential rain, and with 4 days left to go, I notice trying to ignore the fact that my psyche begins to "squirm ". Being in another place, I can't help but notice gives me more time to de compress. We seem to forget how to do that living up in the New England area.

April 09Easter in Florida 006

The sand, the sun and the salt. Stimulating my senses into being able to completely relax. I am ready to take Boston back on again! I will have a enormous amount of energy in which to thrive on once I return, and also open my mind to inspire those around me, not to mention my own soul.

Once I return, I will take photos of new merchandise to share with you that we receive at Matsu. Especially the juicy bags from Jamin Puech.  Ta Ta for now. 

Yours, in spirit,


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