The old and the new.

I often catch myself teetering to and fro with how searching, scouting and discovering plays into my life and career. The hunt. The adventure around it all. Merchandise, furniture, scarves, jewelry. They all serve a purpose, but my deepest commitment is to share, spread and stage what I find onto the plateau of retail.  The real goal is to tap into people's hearts as well as their spirit.

I am consistently inspired to seek. Despite my state of mind, or the physical state I am in, which covers New York, New Hampshire and Vermont most recently. I am drawn to beautiful things both old and new.


What this teaches me is bringing a style, a flair and an appeal to the collection that is housed at Matsu. The choice is key. The editing is the most challenging part of scouting, shopping, seeking and discovering. The choices that result in this creative process I would like to think are what  motivates and also inspires our clientele to keep coming in for more.  The feeling  experienced along with the haunting scents create the ambiance and the memory., I would like to think this; the culmination of  where the old and the new merge is the result of what triggers the senses of anyone that walks in the front door, hopefully. There is such a feeling of achievement once the decision to choose an item is made. Most likely, because of the heap it was discovered in, or the condition of it. My imagination is stimulated because I can really feel the possibility of success and the potential pieces have. Removing them from their original environment and creating a new one is the key sharing it's potential. I am speaking of a chair that may have been hiding in a large pile of junk, or a cashmere scarf that is hanging with another 40 colors. Just the mere choice of discovering one piece in the mass is what I consider to be the most rewarding feeling. Then to share it on a larger scale, makes me feel so good, and then to have that spread into the lives of many, is so rewarding.


These are just some of the thoughts that trickle through my mind,and I share the process of how one gets merchandise to the state that it is discovered in by you, at Matsu.  I include some of my recent discoveries, and the state they were found it. It is astonishing how the before and the after transcend.


I hope you are all curious now, and will indeed visit us soon ! This makes my heart and mind smile, I am here sharing it with you, and hope you experience it too !

Yours in joy,


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