Celebrate fashion night with Nirva; on the evening prior to my Paris departure.


Oh how lucky I am. Here it is, the midst of Boston's Fashion Week… We celebrate fashion. I think this week should be extended for the year!  Maybe this way all women would dare to dress for fun, and for the heck of expressing their inner inhibitions. Sort of why Halloween is so popular. We all can "act out " by dressing up as we normally would not. I am all for self expression, and provoking what is within. I have said this many times before. 


Tonight, Nirva celebrated this in an array of gorgeous fabrics, textures colors, draping, and wonderful embellishments in the hair, belts and applied directly on the clothing, in some cases.

The venue; Mizu was provocative backdrop for the 28 different looks that Nirva portrayed as her Spring 2010 looks. Absolutely divine. The Music, the lighting, the models and the crowd. All well received. I was so proud of her, and very happy to have been a part of this audience. It took me completely out of the notion that Boston has, generally of being staunchly fashion wise.  Not true!  Nirva proved this tonight, and I would like to think that I do the same daily at Matsu.  Don't be afraid to visit us ! It is so good for your mind, heart, body and soul .


This fashion show came at a time while I am preparing to leave for Paris. I am so glad that I had the break tonight to see such wonderful sights. Internally, I have been prepping for this trip. Busy closing loose ends, you know making sure my passport is in check.. Automobile registration renewal, etc. You know, all that mundane stuff that Virgos are good at organizing.


What is it about Autumn that inspires us to do so many things in our life that  can make room for more? With the abundance that comes with this season, cooking becomes a heart warmed project leading us into the indoors, and nurturing our lives in ways that the summer doesn't.  Roasted squash, mushrooms,  pumpkin pies,  artichokes. This season's produce is so inspiring. We have shortened days with less light, bringing the opportunity to burn more candles and set a theme, mood and ambiance within our own environments. I just love this season. Maybe it's because this is my birth season. Who knows? 

As I prepare for leaving for Paris, I sit with gratitude for everything that my life has provided, along with the all the people who have touched my heart in it. Prior to leaving on this flight I always reflect, sit quietly and thank everyone that makes life so rich, and those who inspire me. This in turn, provides a foundation for me to do the same .


I leave you all knowing how perfect we all are just as we are, and hope that you read my blog entries. You silently do excite me to write. I know it's not grammatically correct all the time, but if I can relay my feelings and thoughts to you through this, then I feel golden and I have accomplished something very endearing.

See you when I return . Fully more enriched, I assume. I will approach this trip with both retail knowledge and artisan naivety.. how innocent. What a way to breathe and to receive what comes next.


Until then,

I remain yours in joy


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