The Month of Romance

Everyone knows the month of February has a wonderful holiday in it. They also know it marks one month closer to Spring, and further away from the serious hibernation month of January. One of the longest, darkest and coldest months of the year.

This month of Romance is celebrated on February 14th. It can inspire gift giving, It can inspire a mystery, it can inspire a little creativity towards your loved one(s). This Historical day dates back to as early as 270 A.D. There were several St. Valentines back in that era. The actual history is more than I care to dive into in this post. However, if you google the meaning of Valentine's Day, you will learn all about it.

I personally love the color red, and the passion that it exudes. This is the root chakra, the sexual energy point in the body that sits at below the navel. The photo of this amazing floral bouquet was pulled together by me, and executed by a Frenchman working at Winston Flowers at Chestnut Hill. They were designed to give as a presentation this past weekend at the annual fundraiser Gala for the Commonwealth Ballet Company.  My 17 year old's last year dancing in it. The celebration and tribute to the dancers was held at Wedgewood Pines Country Club.  The theme was the Nightingale. I transformed the room to reflect this, and the evening was a success at earning a pretty sum to benefit the Commonwealth Ballet Company.



Now, Aya and I are heading to Florida. Milestones. My dad has just been placed in a nursing home down there, and life will never be the same.  This is a good place to notice how life is like a wave. Tides come and go.  Ebb and Flow. My dad is 91 with Dementia.  Severe.  I never thought this would be something that I experienced, but here I am . Shedding tears from the base of my belly, up through my heart and throat. The emotional pain, I must embrace. Acknowledge, and find the gratitude in this life I have been given.  My mom and dad came to this world with so many virtues that they have taught me. Most of all.  Follow your passion, and know that you can achieve anything in your life you wish.  Just be focused, and laugh, play and dream…..  Something I think we can all do more of. I use my 5 senses to access this. That is just one tool.. I also know not to take life for granted.  Do you ?


As for the rest ? I will post my next thoughts upon my return from the Sunny South. After seeing my dad, nurturing my mom, and of course allowing my soul to soak up the sun and replenish my inner well.

Yours, in Joy,


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