Sewing seeds for Spring 2012

With the weather at odds this year I sense it brings glee for most of us. No snow. We felt the onset of  Spring nearly all of this Winter  season.

The days are growing, and the light in much more abundance. It is so easy to awake in the morning. Getting my body to 6 am yoga is easier than ever.  I have found myself sleeping anywhere from 7~10 hours this past month. Still rejuvenating my inner soul from the past several years. Took a toll on my body. Didn't know! 

Sleep deprivation is such a negative force when it is there. The odd thing is that it often goes un noticed until after the fact. Sleep is the best form of natural medicine, and dreams  act as natural inspiration, or often omens and signs. 

February , for the most part is the month of Aquarius, Amethyst and Romance. I think about early quince, flowering branches, pinks, reds and chocolates. Garnets and rubies. Yes I seem to always connect things with either colors, or stones. Lately I have been translating everything into stones. Healing little critter that they are.  As the end of February is nearly here, the Astrological sign enters Pices; the fish. Aquamarine. The brilliant nearly luminence of the stone which has been associated with the seas. In the middle ages, Aquamarine was thought to  magically overcome the effects of poison. This stone symbolizes security and safety. The art of healing comes from nature- not medicine. And what a better way to maintain balance and harmony than wearing it on the body ? IMG_6605

I love the stones. I don't need the metals, in designing. I just let the stones speak to me. This is the basis for my Nymph inspiration. These unpolished Aquamarine earings exemplify the intensity of how brilliant and clean the stone actually is. I love it unpolished and unfaceted. They will be up on my Etsy site with in about 2 days, if not before. I am also sharing the spherical aqua necklace below. Brilliant.  Get-attachment.aspx necklace

Onward to the next big thing, I find this time of year- and that is cooking. The kitchen. Therapy. Nutrition.


Where is this kitchen?   At the Boston Center for Adult Education on Arlington St.

I took a cooking class- a much awaited evening, surrounding the flavors of Tuscany. Right here in Boston. This interactive class was very interesting, and loaded with tips- that I will find helpful while cooking in my own kitchen. 

The salad was my favorite part. I loved all of the components required as we built on the bed of mescaline greens. How do work with Fava beans, how to properly slice fennel.  IMG_1706

Who knew ?  I can't wait to try this tonight. I eat fennel all the time, usually in a roasted fashion along with eggplant and mushrooms. Can't get enough of either. I will show you the finished salad. Placed on the platter rather than in a bowl was of equal importance. The drizzling of fresh olive oil, red wine vinegar, and shaved parmesan. Apparently, a platter is the key here rather than a bowl. It gives the vegetables proper placement with each other and not dumped on top of one another- as a bowl. IMG_1714

The ragu, was not the first time I was aware of adding carrots, celery, onions and garlic- no herbs, other than parsley, but certainly the first time I actually ate it. This was not common in my Italian up bringing.

The porcini mushrooms added such an amazing flavor of depth to this marvelous sauce. It only simmered for about 40 before we ate it. IMG_1710

And so it was- the whole evening inspired my next trip to Russo's in Watertown. My new hang out. The abundance of fresh produce has enriched my cooking style and repertoire. The mushrooms just blew me away. I have to show you the photos… If you are a mushroom lover, you will really get a kick out of this. IMG_1696

And another : IMG_1698

 Crazy !!!   So, here you have my journey, which reflects the thoughts I have as we enter these days of more light, and the crocus already beginning to pop up through the non frozen ground! Happy Pre Spring.

Remember- the brightness of the Aquamarine, as well as the days that lie ahead should really be a natural charge with in our souls . That's is a wild connection, I know- but that's just how my brain operates.

Enjoy it all!

Warm regards always,



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