The journey continues as the beat goes on

Tis the season for joy. Tis the season for peace . Tis the season to celebrate those in our lives that have meaning and brought us happiness and well. Tis the season to acknowledge them as well as taking time to reflect on the past year.

My theory is that if we did this daily or maybe realistically with more frequence, the holiday season would not hold so much pressure !

I am denial this year. Maybe this is a very realistic approach actually. I have undergone such purging and clearing, that I feel this is the best gift I can offer myself as those around me. Christmas growing up in a Roman Catholic Italian family was the highlight of the year. Now, however, living in the moment and learning how to enjoy each day as "Christmas treat" I have learned that there really is no time other than now.

Forecasting ahead with anxiety or excitement really takes us out of our own bodies. This is not a healthy way to view our lives. Being present takes practice. The rewards however are so grand, once you entertain this method of living, you will see how much time is wasted on wanting. On desire. On false hopes. Just live today. .. Yes. forecasting financially for the future is imperative, but you don't need to involve your mind in that state. It prevents you from laughing on a daily basis. it does !!!


Pre occupied with my moves since November, I am elated as I look back and breathe through all of the purging, clearing and scheming. The concepts of the new home, and the new Matsu .. Somewhat similar, in that the move from one home to another within 3 weeks time including the renovations and color choices reflect the inner spirit that I thrive on. Within that comes inspiration and creativity.


In this short and sweet blog post, I write prior to a 7:30 am power yoga class. I wish to share a few photos of the before and during my adventure in re ~ inventing Matsu.

I will not speak much about the concept here, as I will wait until my Email blast is created. I will tell you, however… expect more femininity with in the space as well as the new merchandise mix. I am sure it will be an evolving process, but my vision is clear and my desire to execute my inner spirit very strong.

I am posting a few photos. The space before, and in a few weeks you will definitely see the afters. LOVE makeovers. For a room, a face , or a body. doesn't matter, but there will be more of an interactive method of communication in the new space. I am seeking designers who would like to have a show in a space … this may happen monthly. We shall see how it pans out. That is, of course in addition to the on going flavor that I am creating with in the space now.



A couple random photos here are what I found on my journey. Seeking for the new space. The pieces just caught my eye. especially the wall filled with vintage hat boxes. The chandelier is in my life, in a box. It just may wind up in my personal space not the public one. Time will tell. While searching for crystal door knobs, I found this array in a tub.  cool, right ?


I am moving the wares in our present location next week. I will most likely be closed on the 16th an the 17th of December. Christmas ? you say ????? Who cares. Everyday is a holiday.  Feel free to call us if you would like to see something or choose something for your loved ones, or just naughtily for yourself !

I will still continue the sale, in edited form, not to worry. BUT the sale will not be a new way of retail, folks. The merchandise mix is going to change, somewhat. I promise. Please stay tuned.

I would like to thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm as I move forward. I also wish you a wonderful holiday season. Keep the spirit. Maintain the inner celebration year round. Guaranteed you will be happier as well as those around you !

See you  soon. Happy Holidays as I remain,

Yours in Joy,


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