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One week ago today, I left Boston and flew to Sarasota. I know.. " Florida is flat, Florida is slow,, Florida is for retirees, blah blah blah ".  I am from the North. I know these things. I also know how the mind and the pace level slows down once you are here for a while. I see it, in the people who reside here year round.  A conscious choice, I do respect.  For them.  My focus in being here was also conscious. A visit with my family. Conjuring up my next Nymph edition. A little bit or rest and relaxation. A break from the faster pace Northern habitual daily doings.


  What I did not expect, was learning about the mystery and enchantment of the Sea here. I know how I feel on the beach… nearly any beach. I thrive on beaches. The scale of them makes me feel protected. Like a small ant with a home underground. The beach inspires me. It allows me to breathe with out a conscious effort. It moves me. Who needs music when there is the sound of the waves.? That is nature's music. The real deal.  Healing. The most beautiful  form of a  healthy addiction. ( oxymoron )


This morning, I learned that Siesta Key, in Sarasota is one of the top 10 beaches in the world. The sand is like pure white sugar. Some credit the unique qualities of the beach's sand and it's color to the fact that the sand is made up of 99% quartz. This makes the sand appear very very white. The pure lack of color against the sea allows the water to show off it's deep turquoise hue. Rich in color and contrast the experience on this beach is very very healing. The fact that the crystal quartz has been so worn down, the sand is exceptionally not only white, but soft to the touch. Nearly like confectioners sugar to the touch.

Crystal quartz is a natural conductor of energy. This is an attraction to energy healers. It is believed that quartz is itself a healing material, especially quartz derived from the area near Hot Springs, Ark.

The belief of Sarasota's Siesta Beach's concentration of energy has at least some scientific roots that can be documented. Being that the sand is whiter than any other beaches in the area, and those who are familiar with the Gulf coast know there are plenty down here; the sand has the reputation to maintain it's coolness even on the hottest of hot days. Those qualities derived from the content of sand as mentioned before the sand is mostly crystal quartz. Quartz is one of the highest vibratory minerals of the earth. We are mineral based; we are made up of the same elements as the earth.  Consequently, if you place a person who knows nothing of quartz or crystal elements, and have them lie down on the sand, the elements and the molecular structure in their body will resonate with the quartz in the sand.  Marvelous !!!

Another fact about Siesta I have learned is  that due to the location of Point of Rocks to the south of the beach along the coast; this acts as a barrier to hold in that fairly unique sand so it doesn't move along to other beaches. This information was learned through the county's coastal resource manager. Not only is their better retention of that beautiful white sand, but it also causes the beach to accrete rather than erode. The beach is actually getting fatter than eroding !


In essence, this beach is well worth traveling for and experiencing. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to visit quite often. Since last fall, I have been down nearly 8 times. I knew the beach speaks to my soul, and I am very creative while here. I also know the energy  I hold from being on the beach lasts, and will inspire me to generate many many things in my life. I am happy to pass them along to my friends and loved ones.

The end result is boundless energy.Nymph by the Sea. It is no surprise that this collection is speaking to my soul so loudly. This collection has been inspired by my surroundings and by my ancestry. The Mediterranean energies and  many moods are reflected through the pieces. I started out with using crystal quartz… Ironically. The clarity of it is so soothing to the touch and to the eye. I find wearing clear crystal quartz clears my mind, and heightens the senses. It is known that Quartz crystals have 6 primary properties. They are able to structure,focus, store, amplify, transmit and transform energy which includes matter, thought, emotion and information. Quartz naturally harmonizes and energizes our gross and subtle bodies. The chakras ( energy channels) can be activated, cleansed and balanced. All psychic abilities can also be initiated and strengthened regardless of whether the bearer is wearing, holding or using the stone.

I have photographed here ( sneak peek of Nymph by the Sea ) 3 necklaces I made using smooth clear crystal quartz. One necklace is about 20 " in length,with each stone holding  black onyx spacers in between each elliptical shape. The other 2 necklaces are adjustable. I used vintage ribbons and the wearer has the ability to make this as short as 16" or as long as about 24" by playing with the ribbon to suit your mood.


Quartz is available in a variety of colors some of which I have included in my list below. I hope you have the opportunity to stop into Matsu some time next week, or after I send out the e mail announcing the arrival of the new Nymph by the Sea Collection. This collection can transmit your mind to places far away, if you see the collection in it's entirety, or even piece by piece.  Experience the joy while wearing these pieces for years to come.


As is the intensity of the carnelian, turquoise, the amethyst, citrines, jade, onyx, smoky quartz, rubies, pearls, labradorite, moss aquamarine.

The list goes on. I am proud of this collection. I am grateful to have the opportunity to create such beautiful pieces that speak of journeys from the land far away. Travel with me through history, and let the stones carry you away.. More to come. Watch for Nymph by the Sea. Look forward to sharing it all.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the information I have researched for in this blog post, and you visit Matsu soon. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or are moved in anyway by any of my posts.

I thank you.

yours in joy,


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