What’s happening at Matsu ? Spring has Sprung


The first of the "salon series" event took place on Friday and Saturday, March 25 and 26.It was a delight to host Dominique from Lilith.  We played and taught those who came in with pieces from their wardrobe that were "lonely". It was so much fun to generate new ideas on the spot.


Melissa came in late Friday afternoon with 2 Lilith pieces she purchased  a couple seasons ago. Her goal was to have them reworked so that she would feel both comfortable and stylish. One always thinks they would never forget why they  purchased a certain look, or piece, but once you return back to your own environment it is nearly inevitable ! We created over 5 looks for her using very little in addition to what she  brought, keeping it simple. She managed to achieve her initial goal for the evening. I then showed her new styles that we just received  in the store.  She walked out with beaming in a totally new silhouette and decked out in all deep navy blue. The styles we now have and the price points are unlike anything ever before. I think it is freeing, and also liberating to allow this sort of vulnerability. 

Many of us wear the same shapes and colors. Most of the time being not necessarily the best for our body shape, nor for our own personalities. Laziness sets in. Or, just too casual an approach to dressing daily. I see this all the time.

I worked with a woman and her wardrobe a few weeks ago, after receiving the call. She was aware enough to realize she probably had the "bones" in her closet, but was stale at creating new looks. And she was right. I worked with her for a coule hours and not only was she totally inspired, but it felt so good for me to be able to leave a menu book with her of all sorts of combinations of professional looks, as well as more relaxed looks for her to wear daily. These "menus" were written as ideas and concepts for her to refer back to once I left. I know she found it extremely helpful. This was a better and more sensible investment than going out shopping needlessly for something new to wear.

I may have mentioned this service that I offer in past blogs, but being spring and all, this timing is key for a new approach to your life. I can be hired by the hour, do not charge for travel time, and would love more than anything to help liberate your closet, as well as helping you be inspired in your daily life.What a way to become stimulated, from the inside out. It shows. It may be personally confrontational, but as LuLu Lemon Athletica states : DO SOMETHING THAT SCARES YOU EVERYDAY!


Next up: The event hosting author Laura Munson ! An evening of self empowerment and networking at Matsu. Last Thursday, Laura came to Matsu. I was thrilled to meet her, and we all listened, shared and spoke about key points in our own lives that we rather challenging. Laura's book is a memoir. Her life and the challenges she faced once her husband came home out of the blue and claimed his love for her was no more. Or may never have been. Imagine.  Depending on just how you hear these words, can lay out a landscape of your future, and how one will interpret it. It was all about finding and realizing happiness from with ones self, and not being trapped by others. Not depending on others to find this inner glee. The book is still for sale at Matsu, for $15. We will have them through the weekend. IF you haven't read this best selling New York Times Memoir, I suggest you purchase it and read it now. We live only once, and we should live our lives to the best of our ability. Sometimes we need a little push, and that's fine. That is what I am here for.! Stimulation, and to get you balanced. IF I can't help, I am in touch with people that can.

Often, once you open up as you enter this newly appointed environment that exudes sensuality and calm, I observe women opening up. All that is said and shared is strictly confidential. I am not here to discuss, I am stating that it could be that one feels low, or bored, or lacking the inner luster of a new relationship, with another or frankly with themselves. I listen, and can offer help. It can be as simple as needing to wear a specific stone, like citrine, that is cleansing and protects, it may mean one's adrenals are out of whack as mine were, in which case I can suggest a specific Bach Botanical Flower Essence to take. It may also mean that you need to be "re-set" and I would then direct you to Nikki Davis for an astrology session. This will determine your character and give you a sense of direction if you are feeling lost in the woods, so to speak. Nikki's studio is on Walnut St. in Newton. Her phone 3 is 617 332 0890. I know I have mentioned her before and have sent women and men too, for that matter to her. But this time wanted to introduce her and share her information in the event you feel any or all of my words here are ringing a bell in your head. She will be my guest for an evening of astrology in May on Tuesday the 17th. Please RSVP for this. The evening is free, with a unique shopping opportunity before we begin, so please mark your calendars !


This coming weekend, I will host jewelry designer, Priya Himatsingka. Her minimal elegance and precision of design are  reflected in all of her pieces with an expansive price point.  Priya's jewelry range from everyday casual to contemporary formal. Each piece is hand made, inviting the wearer to enjoy the playful sophistication every time it's worn.

The collection will be on view from 3~7 on Friday, and 11~4 on Saturday, April 22 and 23.  You will receive a 10% discount off any piece(s) you choose to purchase during this show.


Next Wednesday is the launch of women's clothing designer Nara Paz. Cocktail reception held on Wednesday from 4~8. The designer will be on hand to tailor or custom fit any pieces you may need altered. This is the first Trunk Show of this nature to be held at Matsu, in my new location. I am excited as I will be portraying a style of clothing unlike anything, I have displayed before. Nara's talent for acute detail is mind blowing, and her craftsmanship can be seen and felt in each and every piece. At a glance, her collection appears to be a bit fancy, but once I began to try each piece on, I conjured up way to apply the dresses to everyday life. You will see. Nothing ever looks as good on the body as on the hanger… EVER ! So, I hope you will come in and play with us on Wednesday, April 27. If you are unable to make it, her collection will be available through the weekend, and select pieces there after. We are offering special pricing for purchase the evening of the 27, and throughout that weekend. Hope you can take advantage of this unusual opportunity.


Next in line,which I will briefly describe as I will definately hone in on as the timing gets closer…  May 11 Nirva Trunk Show  Nirva's colorful collection for Spring Summer 2011 will be at Matsu for sale, as well as a pre sell for her Fall Winter  Collection, which I am so excited to have the opportunity to show it at Matsu. I actually have not seen it yet, but know how amazing the collections will be.  Again, we will be offering a special pricing structure during out event.

Save the date, May 17 Astrologer and "witch"… Wizard  Nikki Davis will be with us. She is a remarkable body worker, and astrologer. I use the 2 Wwords loosely. She is captivating, and very sensitive. Has an innate talent to depict what goes on in our brains, and through the stars can more or less "re~set"  our paths.  Absolutely an amazing evening this will be. Shopping first, then We will all sit around and listen, share and talk.


May 25  Susan Monosson Trunk Show.  A rare appearance by Susan, and her amazing wares. Sift through her collections.  Each unique piece tells a story, and her history with many of you collectors, that know her  will allow another opportunity to add to your existing pieces or begin a new look.  The limited -edition juxtapositions of precious and non precious stones. I am thrilled to host Susan as she proudly shows us all what she has done over the years and of most recent.


June 2 Donna Veverka Trunk Show. Donna is new to my life. I discovered her recently at a craft show. Her sculptures of jewelry blew me away. The gothic and renaissance history and architecture inspire her elegantly wearable and slightly edgy jewerly collection.  In conjunction with Donna's collection on this evening, I THwill also have a rare opportunity to host a Concierge Event. This has been years in the making, and the stars lined up just right ! What an exciting time.

Spring. Re birth. Re invention. Re creation. All under one roof. Matsu 264 Newbury St. Boston, Ma.

This blog is more of an announcement. I have left my personal self aside for a different approach. I am simply gaining the strength I lost through my moves and  trying to weather my business and life during this horrible horrible weather, and economical climate. Keep moving ahead. ! That is my mantra. Meditation, yoga, lots of escarole, artichokes and asparagus. This is what keeps me going ! Oh… wait. Red Bordeaux.  Can't forget that !

See you all soon, I hope. Lots to choose from. Do something that scares you. I dare you. The feeling of empowerment once you achieve that, is amazing.

Share with me, I would love to hear from you.

Yours in joy,


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