The dead of winter, with bright horizons on the way

We must all be wondering how and why we are all in this together,  Those of us living in New England, anyway. The quiet, the lull and the chill brings us all indoors, as well as mentally hibernating. This is the time to reflect, as I have mentioned in my last blog. But not only that, once the crocus begin to bloom, we shall begin to soar into the next season. Spring. Not yet. For the moment being in the exact moment is the healthiest thing we can do. It takes practice. I know. Breathing will help. But the thing to really remember is the beauty that the Winter Season brings us.  A fire can become a mystery, and hypnotic when the flames induce thought and a meditation of sorts. Enjoy it. Relish in it. Those of you fortunate enough to have a fire place, take advantage of it. Use it for a heat source, and maybe even a place of peace and inspiration.  Take note where your mind goes with the fire in front of you. Soothing. I am sure.


On the opposite end of this spectrum, a dichotomy, in the season, is the ice, which can really be treacherous while walking from one destination to another . But the presentation that nature provides, if captured, as I have done  is absolutely stunning.  These icicles are relentless. Their beauty can not be reproduced to this capacity. In their clarity, they proclaim themselves to be steadfast and proud. Their life is usual short lived, but this Winter, longer than usual. I was able to capture them, and they are still living, their form alters from day to day depending on the temperature, but we all take them for granted. I decided to highlight them in this post. A miracle, kind of !


I am about to combine an icicle and the fire . Sounds nuts, I know , but as you can see in the photo below, it does just that. I just returned from the International Gift Fair in New York City. I discovered these little gems in a jeweler's booth. I have the vases with me, and they will be available at Matsu within a week or so. They are one of a kind, and can not be reproduced. I love that. I became addicted to their shape, and colors. Both reflecting the 2 topics I discussed above. Fire and Ice. Their colors are that of fire, yet their shape are some what similar to an upside down icicle!  Am i right ? This designer also does jewelery that combines glass on sterling, and gold fill.. We will also be carrying them at Matsu soon.


Most of you have heard of Eastern Accent. Many of you may have known me from this name. This was the store that was established back in 1980. Matsu is a spin off from this little shop that brought hope to Newbury Street way back then. Eastern Accent still exists, but is run by my partner, and imports wonderful merchandise exclusively from Japan. You may know some of the products, but below, I would like to share the front of our booth at the Accent on Design Show, aka the New York Gift Fair.


This quiet time is a time to replenish from the last year, and to generate for the one up comming. Breathe, and bask in the abundance.. remember, not the lack.  Love yourself, and those around you.

See you soon.

Yours, In Joy,

Dava Muramatsu

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