Creating transition and virtual brick and mortar.

Life after retail. I never dreamed there was such a thing. I am still replenishing my inner well, my mind, my soul and my body. I was robbed of energy in my last stages of retail life. I wake each day with gratitude. Having had the courage to close the store. I could not see beyond where I stood. It takes time. Methodically moving forward I smile each day for a new life I am transitioning towards. IMG_3551

As seeds  germinate in the ground, the nutrients prepare for growth – our souls are similar to this natural act – requiring patience. Ha! Another new thing for me. Breathing and savouring each and every day, and all of the events that occur in it. 

I begin with a reverse commute. Driving to play ( work ) is so refreshing now. Light. Inspiring. Back to roots. Back to where it all began. Back to working with design in the realm of products. Fashion for the home. Useful goods that bring style to lives around the world.  Rather Global.

I write with a skip like tone, because this is how life should feel. This is how doing something that speaks to the heart feels. Light and playful! Delightful.

I just love the integrity of the goods I am handling- holding, selling and promoting right now.

WHO needs titanium Chopsticks ???  WHO needs a titanium iPhone cover ?  Who doesn't want a rich looking bag that evokes quality, design and function ? WHO doesn't want a beautiful writing instrument ?  WHO doesn't want a glistening piece of Nymph Jewelry ? Really ! WHO ??? The question really is, Who wouldn't ? Especially if it can be acquired through the internet ? Haku_black_main_h


I am old school. Very stubborn with technology. I admit it. I graduated from Art School, as I probably have mentioned in previous posts. I like the feeling of pencils as they glide on paper. I like the smell, the feel, the organicness of it all. Same with Paints. Watercolors especially. I am searching for the perfect balance of exercising the talents I developed as as result of Paier School of Art, and the education of everyday life, and learning how NOT to fall behind the curve of technology. IMG_1490

I came very clear last night. Being inundated with the social media networks such as Face Book, Pinterest, Twitter etc.  They all have advantages, but the epiphany I had  late last night after hours of conversation with a new and very dear friend-expressing my frustration with how disected the social media seems-to me, that is.. I realized that I need a virtual site.  Bricks and Mortar to the Internet.  I know how it needs to feel, what it needs to do, how I want it to look- of course I do. I am a designer, stylist , fashion maven.. Probably Style Maven is even better a description yet. Spreading good taste globally. Yup. That's me! That is the new virtual "Museum" if you will.  This is where I head.  This information is very very sensitive. I realize I am exposing my soul.  Why not ? 

I have been told that web sites are becoming obsolete. I don't really agree. I need an anchor. I need a place to hang all of my "TuTus".  Not kidding. Sort of like my own pin board. Selling what I like and sharing my experiences through cooking, styling, painting, physical activity and the 7 limbs of Yoga, promoting fabulous products from Japan or where ever!  This is what I call freedom. This is what I consider inspiring.


I am going to post a few photos here. Some of them have already been launched on my  personal FB page as well as the newly created Eastern Accent page.  Prior to that I had created Japanese Modern

This site is up and running. One can find some very unique products there.

My goal however is to create a visual feeling on line. This will be a test of my patience- once again, but at least my direction is clear. Nothing worse than limbo !

SO, I invite you to follow me. I invite your suggestions if you have any. I hope you do.  I look forward to sharing more-  No bricks just fancy cement : )


Thanks for joining and playing with me. Hope to hear from you too !

Happy Life. Happy January with Spring weather.

I saw a Robin yesterday ! Not kidding.


Yours in joy,





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