Spring Treats. Jewelry and Food!

Matsupile2_wI think we all can really get a sense that
Spring is here. In celebration of this fresh season, I would like to
share with you 2 discoveries. One being the Natural Bracelets from
Lapland that I have hand selected and now have found a new home from
Sweden, to 259 Newbury Street, here in Boston, at MATSU.


The indigenous Sami (Laplanders) have lived in
Northern Scandinavia for 10,000 years. They led a nomadic life in the
mountains and forests, following their herd of domesticated reindeer ,
while hunting and fishing. Today, only 3,000 Sami have reindeer herding
as their livelihood. This culture is rich in languages, music and
handicraft.  The Sami have been embroidering with pewter wires on
leather for hundreds of years.Braids were added in the last century.
The materials are vegetable tanned reindeer leather, spun pewter wire
including some nickel and 4% silver. The closure is a shed reindeer
antler, and the soft leather has been sewn with synthetic sinew. The
bracelets are maintanence free, and the more piled on the wrist the

And for the next sensual experience….
through the stomach!  Apropo to this Spring Season, is the vegetable
category……….. Nothing even close to what we were fed in our
elementary school cafeterias .. Mine at least… right out the can !
Horror !  Us poor kids, and honestly….. my 17 year old in High schooler
has reported that lunch here in the year 2008 is not far from what I
experienced way back when…. ( nevermind)

The photos you see reflect the most beautiful
array of roasted vegetables… one photo is uncooked Butternut squash,
loaded with Vitamin A, and C, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. I
invite you to try your own combo, but mine in this photo includes
fennel, including the tops, crimini mushrooms, (baby portobello),
grape tomatoes, cubed eggplant, ( a good source of Vitamin C, Calcium,
phosphorus and potassium)

Dsc07231_2 The rule of thumb for me, and it seems to
work on EVERYTHING ( do know that I am sharing my secrets!) is to
combine all of the veggies listed above into a large bowl, and
generously pour olive oil, all over them, about 3 shallots, and 5
cloves of garlic, all minced.  Add by hand French sea salt, the real
course stuff, and black pepper.  Mix together with your hands, and then
pour into an oiled baking pan such as a cookie sheet, and mix all
together, spread them out and cook at 375 degrees, bake for about one
hour…. Excellent hot, and also room temperature… Tuscan style….
Should you have leftovers .. No problem. Mix with an electric mixer,
until it becomes thick and pasty, it becomes a wonderful topping for
your favorite pasa shape with a bit of shaved parmesan and Voila..
another delectible dinner   Enjoy.  Let me know how it turns out!!

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