Spring is in the air.


Tonight I am hosting an event off the beaten path. I know that retail word often carries a negative connotation. Negative, in that any one owning a retail store, in the financial and economic environment we now are enduring, are more or less so fulfilled to have people, potential customers enter their environment. I have commented several times about the shift in this industry, and how much more difficult it is now than say back in the 1980's, for sure and also the 90s. Even in the beginning of 2000, the flavor of the beast was much sweeter.


As most of you know, I was asked to leave my prior location of 12 years . My landlord wanted me to relinquish Matsu, as we all knew it at 259 Newbury St. I was initially devastated, but instead, I creatively decided to turn this negative .. or so I thought at the time.. situation around, into an opportunity. I should have recognized that the universe was supporting me right from the start. The charming space I now occupy at 264 Newbury Street was empty and waiting for me. How fortunate. Being open to this, even with the in opportune timing…. Christmas, to be exact… I had 2 choices. Close for good, or dive forward. Obviously, I am here to tell you, I am moving forward. Sometimes  briskly, sometimes gingerly. Nonetheless, I am open and now welcoming Spring on Newbury St.

I have created a series of events for you all to enjoy. Yes, my motive is driving traffic to the new sacred space. My temple. More feminine, more me.

What a better a subject than that to have an influence of Venus ? Each planet symbolizes a part of our personality. Venus is our expression of love, desire, beauty and our deepest feminine nature. Venus is how we relate and how we attract and what we adorn in order to do so. When the Venus part of you is fulfilled, your heart feels it and is also happy !

This event ( now 2 evenings ago ) was a bonding time. The discussion  we shared of this ecstatic part of our nature, showed us a way to emerge with a deeper understanding of our heart's  journey through these joyful realms.  I learned why, personally being surrounded by beauty is second nature to me, and my journey is really to open up my space and share what I have learned through the years with anyone that steps through the door of Matsu, at this new location. I promise that you will feel as though you , too, have stepped into a seemingly sacred space, gallery/salon like.. oriented.

The scent, the ambience and the merchandise all coincide with Venus. I am not shy in self expression, seemingly yet deep down, the modesty I hold and the actual demureness is indeed evident once you step a bit deeper in conversation with me.



I invite you to come in and see what I mean. I also wish to inform you that we are very proud of the new collections, and here I show off some of the fabulous pieces designed by Calleen Cordero. All make right here, in the US.. Los Angeles to be exact. Her bags and her sandals have a tinge of rock'n roll with a touch of sophistication and pizazz ~ 


We have 3 styles of sandals in house right now and more on the way… ONCE the weather breaks, our toes will be screaming to be let loose. Sort of a freeing once we see the sunshine. It is coming. this prolonged rain really, is just a form of inner well replenishment. Easier to deal with and accept at some times than others.


Everything is so lush right now, and the tulips are saluting the sky. The lilacs are begining to wan down, leaving space for the Iris to shine. The peonies are about to poke through their tight little buds. What a magnificent time of year ! Just to remind me of the rebirth that Spring symbolically represents, I have the splendid opportunity to observe a robin out side my door, sitting on her eggs. I would lOVE to see the little babies hatch. I captured her nest, as she departed briefly to get food for herself as she warms these beatiful little jewels…. her non hatched babies in the shell. Brilliant.



I sign off now with the delight of knowing that Spring IS here, and we are all so happy that the weather will free our hears , aligning with Venus.

Should you desire an astrological check up ~ reading, please contact me at Matsu, and I will give you the number or contact information for a deeper understanding through Nikki Davis, my guest from the evening of Venus Rising. I have mentioned her in past blogs, just so you know.

Enjoy the light in the sky, and the rain. The alternative is snow, or fires, or drought… we are lucky each and every day. 


See you soon. Join us on Wednesday May 25, for what is next in our Event series. The evening focuses on the wonderfull designs and rare appearance of Susan Monosson. We hope to see you there. If you can't make it, don't hestiate to stop by and say hello. You will find me there nearly everyday. Calling for an appointment is also an option.

 I would love to see you.

Yours in joy,


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