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I am certain that my approach to this adventurous day was one of predetermined expectations..  Just when you feel like you know why, where and how, the universe can through you off course and all of a sudden that initial intent turns out to be or look like something completely different.

That is what my trip to the Brimfield Antique Fair was all about. I have heard about it for all the years I have lived in the Boston area. I knew this existed and how vast it was but never attended. Until this week.


I accompanied my partner to scout furniture for a project he is creating in Japan. We seeked oversize farm tables, various chairs with the hopes that each one would have a different characteristic all culminating into a harmonious collection for this life style bar/retail environment project for Japan We had a vision. We created an idea in our minds and on paper of what we needed to find.. .The approach didn't work.   What happens?  We wound up with any thing but.


The mantra by the day's end is to drop expectations.  Amazing what one goes through before recognizing it. Hours later I could see it. The good news was that as we got "visually addicted" to other sights, the realization finally was to be in the moment and look, listen and absorb what the message was.  It just didn't have the same intention as what we thought.

Drop the disappointment. Drop the pre conceived notion. Just enjoy. Finally.  This was the lesson for the day. 

Our vehicle was loaded with goodies, primarily ethnic ones !  Who would have thought ? Certainly not us!


The next thing you know, we were filmed and interviewed by Chronicle. Not sure if it aired that very night or not, but the main question was "Did you feel there were any deals?" My answer in the interview was absolutely not. But, as I chose some wonderful products for Matsu, my commitment was to keep the pricing as low as can be so that the products I edited for my shop can accessible by anyone pining the articles at a very reasonable price.

The day was fun, and addicting. I love the merchandise that we found. It spoke to me very loud and clear. I could visualize it very easily Matsu. Knowing how it would enhance our oasis. Feeling like these treasures from ancient times bring an old world energy into our lives. Yours as well as mine. The country that we found these items from was Pakistan. I never would have thought that going to the Brimfield Fair, thinking I would find old American furniture for our project, the day would lead us to the collections we wound up with. Many pictured here.


The day's mantra ?  Don't be afraid to drop expectations. Just go with the flow, have faith and trust. Be in the moment, and breathe into the opportunities that appear in front of you. Just don't take things for granted especially if you have an inner idea. One never knows where it can wind up, or what it can looklike.  Surprise is a grand thing.

Look forward to seeing you come and discover my discoveries all at Matsu now.

Yours In Spirit,


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