Replenish, Refresh & Renew

All three words above equate to the notion of one thing. Re charging. I am not referring to an automobile battery here, but honestly? My own inner battery. My depleted inner well. My seemingly dried up soul.


The winter months and the lack of light has pulled all of the wind out of me. The energy it took resulting from trying to get from point A to point B simply.. without falling on ice, or hitting an automobile by how crippling the snow made it to maneuver just simple every day life tasks! Crazy.

I had no idea, that I as so worn out. For lack of a better term; I could also so that I was challenged, as we all were, but it wasn't until I really hit the sun, the sand and the salt air that I could embrace the depletion my mind, body and soul endured.The results of the extreme winter, and life's changes I created.


It was to the point, for me that I honestly didn't feel like waking up, at one point around 3 weeks ago. I just didn't hold the vigor that most would know me to carry. Lack of energy, lack of drive, lack of inspiration. What a shame ! It was sort of like being dehydrated. Once you are, it is too late. In that case it is best to be proactive, and to keep your body fueled with liquids. ( a manner of speaking ). I did not. I had no idea that my adrenals were shot. Caput. Always having been able to pull myself up from a low place, I honestly didn't know how low I was. My voice was flat. My heart wasn't singing. I just was B L A H. 


I DID know that there had to be tools to help. To assist. To revitalize myself. NOT drugs, I am talking about tools. Emotional tools. Therapeutic tools. I went to see the "Good Witch". I refer to Nikki Davis as that. I have known her for over 15 years. She is the top in her trade. The aromatheraputic massuses who is driven by the depth of Astrology. My knowledge about all of the above is extremely limited. I just knew I had to see her. And I did. We wound up studying my Astrological Chart, and where all of the planets lined up with it. Fasciating. They do not lie, nor do they tell stories.

Nikki clearly recognized my lack of energy when speaking. Very uncharacteristic for me.  Consequently, she asked me to visit the  Johnson Wellness and Compounding Center in Waltham. They administered an adrenal testing kit which I  took, but still wait for the results . In the mean time, I was asked to drop Olive and Impatiens flower essences into my water daily.. No questions asked. I am inquisitive, but with this I just simply did it. The Bach essences have a brief description on the bottles.The Olive restores energy when you are physically and mentally exhaused. … Ya think ??? 2 major life altering moves in 2 months time, then hit with over 5 snow/ice storms… Crippling ! as I said before !.


The Impatiens essence helps you deal with slow situations or people with good humor rather than irratibility.  Bach Flower Essences for naturally occuring nervous tension.  They became my best friends. My mood gradually changed. My temperment became more tolerable. Very gradual. Then the daylight savings kicked in. Then, Sarasota, Florida.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the land of Nirvana.  Yes, to me that was exactly what Sarasota means. My family lives here. It is so odd to me how the longer the natives of this area ( even if they are transplants… and most of them are) how  their blood has thinned out so much they could never endure the extreme climate that we Northerners do. I feel that is what keeps us on the cutting edge of nearly everything.  The 4 seasons are healthy. It is just that this particular Winter was the deadliest ever. 

I just wanted to share the dicotomy of the climates, and the photos here reflecting just that.


I am leaving Sarasota later today and am so excited to get back to the life I have created up north. New envionments, new clothing, additude and most of all a newly replenished, renewed and refreshed soul.


NEWS ALERT. Aya and I missed our flight out of Tampa last night. Are you serious ??? Couldn't wait to return to my life here refreshed and nearly refurbished ! No, another lesson. I was forced to be patient with myself, and realize these things happen. I also have discovered how much I allow myself to get attached to outcomes beyond my control.  This is something I truly need to practice letting go of.

So, forced to spend the night in Tampa, with my 20 year old ( could be one of the last times we have this precious time together before she moves on with her own life… her choice of the moment ? Los Angeles. ) Could it be any further ??? yes I suppose so. We woke this morning sleep deprived after a 6 am flight from Tampa to Boston. Needless to say, I am late for "play" at Matsu.  On my way. More flower essences in the mean time, everyone. Excited for this day, and letting go of anything I think to hold on to. One can not hold on, or desire what one can not control ! Note to self, indeed.

I hope you enjoyed this little adventure through my blog post. Next up ??? The Geneva Sound Systems now available at Matsu.  Stay tuned.

See you soon !

Yours in Joy,


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