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In this fine month of November, we experience the leaves drying, falling, and dying. The colors of deep reds, golden browns and warm yellows. The sound of the leaves under foot bring about the sensation of childhood memories. The smell, of the leaves as subtle as it is also stimulates the senses.

The leaves falling is also symbolic of the change of seasons. We are all in pre hibernation mode. Nearly. We have the holidays approaching and with Thanksgiving at the end of this month, we count our blessings and all of those who have contributed to our lives. The month is a clearing for gratitude, and thanks. The ego often camouflages the love we hold inside. Letting go of the ego can bring about the freedom of one's feelings and a clearing to express.

There are few expectations around Thanksgiving. No Santa,no reindeer, no candy canes. Just a turkey. Just friends and family. Just love. Nothing more.  Cherish this holiday and all of the days leading up to it. In honoring yourself, taking care of yourself and nurturing yourself, this will allow you to be kind, free and expressive to those around you. They will feel your intent, a wonderful form of contagiousness. Let it spread. This creates inner peace. Dropping the control, the need to guide or force your will with others as well as within yourself, releases such tension The invitation to you is to be conscious, aware and grateful.


The lack of expectation is embodies freedom. It releases a form of control, as I mentioned before. HOWEVER… when visiting friends or families throughout your universe, bringing a small gift is always appreciated. Something to be enjoyed by family and friends; or eaten, such as chocolates. A slightly naughty treat. Always appreciated.


Another idea on a small scale of acknowledging the host are the soaps shown here. These special little spheres have been milled for 60 days. They are individually packaged and include their own wooden soap stand. These hand crafted soaps contain 5 herbal moisturizing essences from the earth. Natural, beautiful and only $30 each.Their flavors are described on each individual box in English translation and their names reflect the color of the ball which size fits nicely in the palm of your hand. They are known as Morning Light, Noon Wood Grain, and Black Night. Imported from Japan. Available exclusively at Matsu.

Just some some thoughts on the holiday, the season and what's to come.

I will be providing you all via e mail and also on our web site some Holiday Treasures ideas. The collection for your view will be out within 2  weeks.  Until then, I wish you a safe, grateful and happy Holiday Season.

Happy eating, relaxing and reflecting of all the wonderful things we have in our lives.

Yours in spirit and in joy,


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