What is a birthstone ?

For some reason or another, my curiosity with gem stones began in grade school.

My science projects related to geology. I thought that was going to be my major as I got older.  As  I grew, however.. it was  in the musical realm ( learning clarinet in 4th grade)  playing this wood wind instrument and piano most of my life; that  I then adopted the notion of a music career rather than science. After all… I had an in house musical tutor…teaching me the Clarinet( my Dad), and for Piano ?? a Nun !  Didn't matter… I wasn't allowed to leave my house until my 1 hour practice time was done.  EVERY DAY. I hated it !  Of course, this style of discipline I now resepect, thanks Mom and Dad !

As I grew older my fascination with the art department in high school had my curiosity peaked so high that I found myself in  advertising and fashion design classes !  This led me to Paier School of Art in New Haven, Ct. learning all about color, compostion, painting, perspective, anatomy drawing, water colors, layout and advertising.  Who knew ??? I wind up in retail, and several years later ? designing jewelry.  I then realized I was getting back to my initial roots ! Geology. The study of stones. IMG_6600

What interests me so deeply, is the energies I see and feel when looking or touching the stones and their meanings. The easiest way to learn about them, in the begining ( and I am still learning ) was through the symbolic relationship of the stone with the coordinating birth month.  Or calendar month. This knowledge gave me a foundation in which to learn the qualites of the specific stones associated with each month.

I also use the Birthstone chart to teach my staff members an easy way to begin to have a personal relationship with stones, stemming from their own birthstone. It worked. 

Historically there are several charts listing the birthstones, depending on the era.. My point of reference is the Modern Birthstone Chart. Most of you may already know them, but just in case her they are:  January: Garnet, February: Amethyst, March: Aquamarine, April: Diamond, May: Emerald, June: Pearl, July: Ruby, August: Peridot, September: Sapphire, October: Opal, November: Topaz or Citrine, December:Turquoise.

A Birthstone is a gift of a preceious material- mainly gemstones that symbolizes the month of  birth based on the Gregorian Calendar.

Honestly ? from that origin we have now capitalized on the theory to create a motive for people for gift giving at  Birthdays etc. 

This particular blog post introduces several things. I am going to describe the Birthstone of this month of August, show you some new Nymph, and include the new link for my new On Line Store…. long time coming. In the store, not only am I selling the jewelry, but also within the descriptions, am providing information about  healing properties of the stones, and some ideas of how to wear them, along with  what colors work with each given piece. Peridot: IMG_6645

Periodot, is the Birthstone of August. It's brilliant green hue can light up a room. The faceted little chunks used above in this hand knotted necklace need nothing else. They are so brilliant on their own, adding a diamond or any other focal bead or accent will minimize the beauty of the Peridot, in my opinion. 

This stone can range in colors from yellowish green to bright lime. The occlusions in the piece above add value and a sense of antiquity.  The Romans called this stone the evening emerald and believed it had magical powers to cure depression. In heart matters, this stone is used to help dreams become a reality, specifically with the purpose of drawing a new lover to you.  I read that Napoleon once gave Josephine a peridot as a symbol of his undying love and admiration. How romantic ! 

This stone radiates with enthusiasm and is also strongly associated with yang energy and the sun itself. The vibrational aspect through the lightness and beauty of peridot, brings to mind new beginnings. Interestingly enough this stone's energy is both subtle and light-some might call it a rather sophisticated energy.   Peridot was also believed to keep away evil spirits.IMG_6708

 Periodot is a powerful cleanser. Releasing and neutralizing toxins on all levels. It purifies the subtle and physical bodies, and the mind. It opens, cleanses, and activates the heart and solar plexus chakras ( energy channels in the body ) and assists in releasing negative and old "baggage" we tend to harbor and carry. Not healthy. This stone can sharpen the mind, and open it to new levels of awareness.  IMG_6700

That's the history of the Peridot.

I have included 3 pieces of Nymph from the new upcomming Roman edition to be released in about 2 weeks at Matsu.

The bracelet above is  a convenient roll on style along with a ruby ( passion stone ) drop. It is $230. 2 pieces available.

The earrings above this photo are $85 a pair. Only 2 pairs available.

The necklace in the first shot is 19" long, has a sterling oxidized clasp and an unusual citrine accent at the clasp. This museum quality piece is one of a kind at $885.  All of the stones above were limited in availability, but I just could not hold myself back when I found them. They were inviting and eye opening to me. Juicy, brilliant and rich. 

I am planning on holding a Nymph Trunk Show at Matsu later this month. If you are on my email list, you will get an invite. If not ? sign up !

I am also announcing the opening of my long sought after On Line Store for Nymph.


I appreciate any spreading of the word to your friends, family or lovers 🙂

Thank you for reading my blog. If you would like to know more, hear more or have any suggestions, please let me know !

Happy Birthday to all Leos ,who share this brilliant Peridot stone !

Yours in joy,


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