Pulchritudinous ~ New Year’s fresh approach… just like this unusual word!

Pulchritudinous – adjective : physically beautiful. Synonyms: fascinating, magnificent, delightful, admirable, resplendent, ravishing.  WHO KNEW ?

I have been scouting my brain for a fresh approach, and new content to post on this blog. I knew since yesterday that it was time to express. I also set aside my evening to work on creating this. I usually write at the crack of dawn. I love day break. I also realized that dusk offers another approach to my writing psyche.

I decided to give the timing difference a whirl. I somehow was on the internet… which, believe it or not is rather rare. I do not shop on the internet other than for music, nor am I  searching endlessly for things on the internet. Just don't. However… somewhere out of the blue this odd word appeared. Pulchritudinous. It struck me funny. Just the sight of the word, I found extremely unique. I also realized how well it fit into my own life. From a personal perspective, as well as a more public one, now that I am slowly settling into the new Matsu digs at 264 Newbury St. despite the climate and the snow, the show must go on !

The list of synonyms above are what capture me always. When meeting people, having a relationship, buying, expressing myself, practicing yoga, taking photographs., painting,. the list goes on.. but the point is that if any of the words are included for me in that " relationship" I am putty. Simple. Just melting into the delight of what ever is in front of me at that place in time. The result of my wiring. I have my artist/ mom, and my late musician/ father to be grateful to for this. It is in the genes. I realize that this is what I have practiced my whole life. Just refining it more and more. That goes for food, clothing, style, jewelry, interiors etc.


Matsu is my canvas. A place to write, paint and express.~ so to speak.

 The environment becomes a haven and a play ground. Not only for me… but also for all of you that visit.  My commitment is to cultivate the pulse in a way that resonates from my heart to yours ! 

This post is to tease you for what is to come. Since my new website is under construction, I thought this would be a great avenue to broadcast some what what is in, and others of what is expected.




I begin with new NYMPH. The new pieces are exclusive, and limited. I have chosen Gothic names for all of the pieces. The diamond crosses with coral accents are around $285; depending on the chain length and size of the cross. The pyrite and antique coin necklaces are priced around $125. The photo with the 2 pieces are that of faceted brandy citrines with 18k gold tear drops, the other with a bar of diamonds, surrounded by 18k gold nuggets. These run around $665 each. One of a kind. Absolutely gorgeous, if I say so myself. In store right now.




As the month goes on, I will have a better idea of deliveries for "spring" even if it is still freezing here. I will say, though that I have carefully selected new clothing , bags and accessories for this up comming season.   One of the themes that you can expect….. very different from that of the past, is Gypsy. A  much more vagabond, nomadic style of merchandise. It is freeing, colorful, yet fun and easy. Bags, clothing and some new pieces of jewelry as well.

I leave you now with my words, and heart filled thanks for giving me the inspiration to move forward into this next new year. If you find a new word once a week, and use it, you will be ahead of where you were the day before.   It DOES NOT have to be as crazy as mine !   Pulchritudinous… !?

Still… Happy New Year

Yours in joy,  always.


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