Pre Paris

Good day to you all.  Any of you reading this. As I actually am practicing on this blog for the time being, until my Web site is back up and running in a fresh, newly revised and designed format. The site will allow for more interaction between all of you, and Me !

I am in preparation stages right now to leave for Paris later this afternoon. I never want to leave my home environment, and dread packing… Especially when I wish to pack light, yet have choices at the same time. Rather counter ~ productive. I know that flying into another country different climate, and clearly submerged in not only my only style sense, but that of the City of Lights as well !

I fly to see Comme Des Garcons in the flesh, maybe even see Rei Kawakubo, the designer. That appointment as tedious as it is usually takes about 4 hours, maybe a bit less or more, depending on the complexity of her collection for the upcomming Fall Winter 08 Season.

None the less everything changes there, my taste buds seem even more acute, as do my senses.  I lookforward to sharing my trip with you all, shortly after my return.

Until then, breathe spring, think Yellow !

see you soon,

Bon Voyage,


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