Paris, Here After

 I love the feeling that I have once returning from this flight from Paris to Boston. Aka… Jet Lag. What it does is heightens my awareness due to my body and eyes opening at 5 am. Rather than allowing my mind to race, I act on the thoughts that are generating as I lie in bed. 


 Paris always has an inspiring effect on me, and depending on my state of mind, where I take the thoughts are often spontaneous. There is something about the City of Lights that energizes me from the inside out, from my Psyche to my heart.  My mission is always to bring some of this back here, to Boston through thoughts, words, feelings emotions, photographs and then generate the creative end through the merchandise and flowers in my life and at Matsu.


This is all about what inspires me, and since I am so easily seduced by anything that triggers MY senses, my goal is to trigger yours as well. Don't be afraid. I know, to some it is scary, but don't be.  Anyway we are approaching Halloween, and if nothing else, that alone can give you permission to experience the world through these words.  I experienced many adventures, but would like to edit some and share them with you here.  I spent Friday evening at dusk ,photographing some of the Aero space exhibition on the Concorde, and near the American Embassy. The black bat like looking American spy air craft especially caught my eye. I found it sensual in shape, and no wonder, it was designed to hover and hide in the sky. Just look at this ! It looks like matte rubber! I have never known myself to particularly enjoy airplanes, but this just blew me away. The other photo is a French Fighter Jet. Just look at the nose of this gorgeous piece of machinery !

On to Buddha Bar. Yes, a tourist attraction, I know but I may as well share my secret here.  I met the DJ, Sam Poppat about 4 years ago at the first Buddha Bar to have opened. I walked right up to his booth.. ( courageous ) Tall very dark, Indian, and intimidating… Little did I know at that moment how this aquaintance would alter my mind in music for a long time. He was the producer of the 8th edition of the world reknown music CD series, and as the talk of opening in New York City, came about , he traveled there to DJ. It was here that we began this dialog that I understood, and absolutely became enthralled with his music style, choices and the energy of the music. He then cut several CDs for me, and this past weekend, one more. I can honestly say that his style, and  flavor of  music just sends my heart spinning. At Matsu, this music is often played, and my newest addition has yet to be released here. I am enclosing a shot of Sam Sipping Bordeaux at midnight in Paris is like drinking water here. Healthy, and clean. So, shortly thereafter, I departed back out doors in to the city that never sleeps.  And, being there I barely did as well.

The Spring Summer Collection 09, of Comme des Garcons was carefully chosen and edited for my wonderful clientele on Friday morning. More romantic than I have seen in the past seasons, and my selection will be available come this March. Soft fluid light weight velvets in rich bordeaux and Charcoal greys, as well as sensuous silk chiffons. I was pleasantly surprised, Rei Kawakabo's look is usually very graphic, heavy and often a bit stiff, therefore in working with it from season to season, I  place you all in my mind, and myself as well in forecasting What would I like to wear next Spring ? what is fresh ? what feels good ! and there you have it.

On Saturday evening, my last in Paris, the annual White Night was held. The museums in Paris are open all night long. I did not attend, but will say the energy in the air was so high, and buzzing. I was treated to a wonderful dinner by Chan Luu, the designer known for her multi wrap bracelets that nearly everyone owns, and if not, should.. Dinner was divine, down an obscure street in the Left Bank. Italian food. I had calamari, served in it's black sauce absolutely like a fanatasy. ( for foodies ). This dinner was proceeded by a strut in the Jardin de Tuilleires. You will see the photo taken of me running around in a scarlet TuTu. yes, my favorite.. brings out the child in me.  All I wish to do is play, while wearing one.  They dared me to wear it, so I did.  You know, when in Paris.. anything goes.  So I did.  Another highlight.  It was sad to have the evening come to a close, but with all of my discoveries, including my re visit to the designer, Jamin Puech for Spring….. what an adventure that showroom alone. The theme, folks was Africa.  Gorgeous bags… take a closer look.  This collection is due in Matsu in March.


So, as I reflect, my trip was divine, and now I am here back in Boston and am working on the creation of our next fashion show, Taste. Held in Weston this coming Tuesday at Off Center. The inspiration from my prior trip certainly a boost to this production. Hope you can make it. It will have an Autumn theme, and I will be showing over 18 looks. With Hair and Makeup a focus as well.

That's it for now.  Can't wait to see you all.

Yours, In Joy,


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