Nymph on the Nile


.. Mythological divinity: 1390  "class of semi~divine female beings" conceived as beautiful maidens inhabiting the sea, rivers, trees, mountains and meadows. A beautiful young woman chiefly poetic or playful.

I tell this to you again, as I did in my first post introducing my new creation and line of jewelry; Nymph. The first post was in early September. Now, nearly 2 months later, I am sharing with you the evolution of this extension of my creative being. I call the line Nymph just because it felt right. I personally relate to the meaning  and definition of the word. I can see these little maidens scurrying around, and relaxing very naturally in their habitat.


As for the Nile… On my last creating marathon down south, as I was creating and inventing the styles, designs and combinations of stones, I kept getting ;the word down loaded from above " my guardian angels" ? The feeling of Egypt kept coming up. I couldn't help but really pay attention to this. It was a very strong message. It kept coming.  The feeling of the components that I was combining just got more and more ethnic in this direction. 


The Nile is a major north~flowing river in Africa, generally regarded as the longest river in the world. The northern section of the river flows almost entirely through desert. from Sudan into Egypt, a country whose civilization has depended on the river since ancient times. Most of the population of Egypt and all of its cities, with the exception of those near the coast, lie along those parts of the Nile valley north of Aswan; and nearly all the cultural and historical sites of Ancient Egypt are found along the banks of the river. The Nile ends in a large delta that empties into the Mediterranean Sea.



The Etruscans were a tribe from Egypt that settled in Northern Italy. My ancestry. Hence, the innate feeling and the intuition that has guided me to using these stones in this manner and to apply them for adornment to the body. ie Jewelry. This was how I conjured up the title for The Second Edition of Nymph. Nymph on the the Nile.


The collection for the most part is presented as a limited edition. Many of the beads are no longer available giving it an exclusive feeling from the start. The limited availability creates a mystery and sense of strong desire to me. The beads are mined from far off lands, and that is the feeling that I have as I touch them all. My eyes actually see what I am feeling, and this connection guides my hands into what was created, how and why. The unique combinations using these beads, K gold nougats, diamonds, carved jade, olive wood, onyx, antique sterling filigree beads,. These materials pretty much describe the components of all of my bracelets, ranging from $65 ~ $145. The selection at this time since the production has just been completed, is rather vast, but as fore mentioned limited. This creates a sense of mystery, and desire to me.



The necklaces are made with Semi precious stones all with different healing qualities. Smoky Topaz, Citrines, Amethyst, Black Spinel, Whiskey Quartz, Black raw diamonds and  Moss Aquamarine. I have added a  diamond focal bead on many pieces all varying in size and shape.  I have  also juxtaposition ed these precious pyramid diamonds with wood, a very unexpected yet warm and rich combination. I have layered the tones just as in clothing. I have created a pallet that spoke to my soul, with all of you in mind. My desire is for you to wear it as it becomes a part of your own soul, and just part of you. The different tones will resonate with people all differently making it a personal creation that is adapted by you for you alone. 


I was blessed with the opportunity to work with a very talented and up and coming photographer. Her name is Ginger Devegh. She executed my vision  with such ease, and the most thrilling results were her use of natural light. No studio set ups., no back lights and reflectors. The whole experience was organic and natural. I highly recommend her and if you need a photographer for any reason, please call Matsu or visit her website: Gingerdeveghphotography.com.

As you can see, I have inserted images of my work. There are piles of stones, wood, carved jade, natural dyed olive woods, the list goes on, but the feeling is that of having been dug out from a tomb. Out of the dirt, out of the deep digs of the river banks of the Nile.  At least that is my image.

I hope you can feel this when seeing, touching and wearing my pieces. All made with passion, love and desire.  See you soon !

Yours in Joy and Spirit, Dava

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