November is gone as the holiday season emerges.


The Turkey, the pies and warm cheer. Gone from the tradition, as we know it . Thanksgiving. A great thing to instill each and every day. This one has no expectations. Just good company, warm homes, lots of food, what ever your family tradition brings on this Thanksgiving day. We acknowledge our thank and gratefulness to our families, friends, and loved ones. This act of kindness to our selves is a good mantra to hold year round. I think that Thanksgiving is fun because the world can S T O P. in our hearts. It quiets us down. The day allows us to surrender and with permission we begin to really relax and reflect on what we have accomplished thus far for the year, or in our lives in general.

I know when I woke on Thanksgiving morning, I was so happy the day could stand still. My pace just automatically slowed it'self down. WHEW what a whirlwind we are on. and how would we know if we don't catch our breath ? The stores are closed, the markets are closed. Just satisfaction with so little sets in. I love it.. 


Then what happens, we hear all of the hoopla about Black Friday. Then Cyber Monday. For god's sake. SO much for that quiet holiday.  We must learn to maintain that aura, that sense of gratefulness… OR we will be eaten alive by the media, by TV, by all outside the heart and soul stimuli.  I say, Save yourself from it all.

Each morning when you awake may I suggest that you pick a quiet spot and just sit quietly. Yes, right after awakening, before running into… or better yet , away from your day. Just sit and listen to the surrounding sounds in your environment. How often do you hear them ? How often do you acknowledge what is natural around you ?  Take, or create this moment each day to breathe, sigh, and reflect about all of the grateful things you have in your life. To do this is really soothing.


This past Thanksgiving brought home my teenager. Her first year of college. I could feel her contentment in arriving home. The comforts of home. All grown up, experiencing life in the real world. Not on a  traditional campus. College for Aya is in New York City. I know how well she is learning to navigate her way around New york City.. Her campus, her playground. An education in it'self.  So proud of her. IMG_2920
We all are thankful, and know when Thanksgiving comes and goes what is next .  Christmas. Just keep breathing and acknowledging everything in your life, and you will not get eaten up by  the craziness of the holidays.

I thank you for reading my blog. This one is about just reflecting with in. Next one?  I am sure a bit of Christmas spice, gift ideas and a glimpse of the next generation of Nypmh Jewelry Collection. Morocco , Rome and Greece are channeling me this time !!!

Stay tuned. Life gets better.  Especially when you are living in each moment. and savoring it as well

Yours in spirit,


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