Reunion, Rejoice


The absence of my presence in my blogging is the result of new experiences, great weather and just life.  Sorry about this. I am back to share, and to apologize for the long silence. It was this past April that I last wrote.

Welcome back! and as this Glorious Summer moves around us, along with the wonderful abundance of Vitamin D in the sky. Time to Rejoice. As we have gone through the months of Aires, Taurus, Gemini , Cancer and approaching Leo, we begin to feel the slight hint of fall in the air….. Not yet. although the full moon this past Friday sets the tempo of the times to come.

I urge you all to celebrate the Summer Weather in your hearts and soul. Soaking up the heat is stimulating and internally inspirational, as we should use this to replenish our "inner wells".


I am going to share a few photos of my Summer Trip , my first, to North Carolina.  Nothing too fancy, certainly not an area of sophistication. Just down right earthy beautiful vegetation, lots of mountains and an occasional relic. In celebration of my sister's 50th this July, I traveled to Black Mountain and into Asheville.  Somewhat, to me a time warp. It made me realize and truly appreciate the North East. … Yes, folks, The Boston Area.  The metropolis of the North East…… by comparison, that is.  Not necessarily a trip worth making for the food, nor any creative inspiration other than the terrain.  Mountain climbing was fun, great excercize, but the rhythm down yonder was something to adjust to, and by my return, I had. Delighted to arrive back in Boston, however. 
I will include some photos here.

On another note, MATSU ( one of my sanctuaries  ) is celebrating the closing of one season and transitions into another with final markdowns on all Sale Merchandise. Creating new feelings for the up coming seasons.  New jewelry arriving as well clothing. You will be seeing some new products on our e mail blasts, so stay tuned. !

I commit to sharing my experiences with you weekly.  No more lapses !! Promise.



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