Moving with a cornucopia of thanks !

Moving —- verb to change from one place or position to another. to set or keep in motion. to arouse or excite the feelings or passions of

noun an act or instance of moving. a change of location or residence. an action toward an objective or goal.

I have had so much movement in my life since October that I felt the need to look up the definition. Just to simpify and edit what runs through my own mind.

The last astrological reading done, I was informed then that the fall of 2010 would hold BIG change in my life. Not knowing what that meant, or to the degree the stars spoke, I just minded my own business.. Then, the fall hit, lead by my internal guide, one thing lead to another and POOF ! I just started to respond to what was no longer working.  People, places and things that no longer aligned with my well being, my spirit. It was challenging to recognize this in the begining, but once I started to clean the cob webs, any spiders left had to go. That's just the way the universe works. You can not have only one clean closet in your life… all of a sudden the light shed on the rest of the residue became clear. No looking back. One foot infront of the next. When one begins this process, people and opportunities appear out of no where ! ( what seems like no where, but we all know it is all about timing.)


I have moved from a contemporary space into one from the past. The way past. Like the 1800s. Unbelievable. I found my new home on the side of the road, with a sign on a tree. The charm this place held and the potential I saw was the biggest jolt of energy, being sent right into my heart. "What if ?"  I lived here ? What if I moved my home ? what if I moved everything in my life within 2 months time ? At first I was scared. Then I was excited… The possiblilites just led me. My ears were alert, my heart open, and my mind free.


I moved my home last Thursday. November 11. It has been nearly one week of organzing, re discovering, re inventing. This is theraputic. This was so much fun ! The move it'self was extremely challenging.. the day of. Afterwards, I saw colors, and shapes and new beginings. I can not tell you how thrilled I am. Re setting my roots. Building a life a new. Now,, having the stamina to shift so many things in my life. More.

The next step, as I have hinted in my latest blog posts, will be the ReBirth of Matsu.  Now that my personal move is behind me and awakening to freshness each day, surrounded by new tones that I have not ever lived with before … such as Chinaberry painted walls in the diningroom ( deep cranberry), and a deep golden mustard in the bedroom. What a sensual experience !

This has now set the stage for what is next for Matsu. I am so excited. I love being in my own "commercial" home now, as you know many things at the shop has shifted. Faces familiar some not ; new additudes, interesting dialog with clients walking through the doors into the 259 Newbury It seems that the tourism in Boston has risen, at least this is my experience. Those asking and searching for the best of the best.  Such as inquiring about where to have breakfast, lunch and dinner ? Where to have their hair done ? Transformation. Everything is possilbe right now. I think my additude is trickling into the boutique! What a gift.

The colors for the new space for Matsu are now in the works. Another freeing component to a move. The new address will be announced shortly. But first, the clearance at the shop. Begining this Tuesday. prior to Thanksgiving. Those that have coveted an item(s) just may have their wish granted ! Stay tuned for the email blast announcing our Rebirth… Moving Sale !


Nymph now will be available at other boutiques through out the country. I have just placed the collection in a show room… an new one, here in the Boston area. It is on Harrison Ave.and called 5S. ( like the 5 senses ) Just like my own mantra… triggering the senses. Jessica, the owner is doing the same with her wonderfully executed new showroom . A haven for the best of the best designers from the area and others from land far away. I am excited about this new opportunity !

Once I settle in December, at the new Matsu space ( staying on Newbury folks .. thought long and hard about that before the final decision ), I will be able to continue taking Nymph into the next realm.

BUT for now, we offer a cornucopia of merchandise at the exisiting location. Having so much to be thankful for, and honoring this Thanksgiving coming up ! I know I will see you all sooner than later. Inviting the warmth and the gratidude that Thanksgiving represents, you will feel complete, and clear. Abundance is within, just be sure to allow yourself the time to breathe, laugh and enjoy what you have.

Thank you for reading my blog, always.

 I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving !

Yours in joy,


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